Global In-Flight Catering Services Market Report 2022-2024: China is Expected to Spearhead Growth and Emerge as the Fastest Growing Regional Market

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Global In-Flight Catering Services Market to Reach $21.5 Billion by 2024

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for In-Flight Catering Services is projected to reach a revised size of US$21.5 Billion by 2024, registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% over the analysis period.

Europe represents the largest regional market for In-Flight Catering Services, accounting for an estimated 27.1% share of the global total. The market is projected to reach US$5.7 Billion by the close of the analysis period.

China is expected to spearhead growth and emerge as the fastest growing regional market with a CAGR of 6.6% over the analysis period.

The global market for in-flight catering services is driven by booming air travel and the corresponding increase in passenger traffic, and enhanced focus on choice, quality and consistency supported by innovation in bringing about the best quality meals on-board. The market is mainly being driven by the robust increase in the number of people travelling by air globally for tourism and business, increase in non-stop and long-haul flights, and improving global economy.

While traditionally the aviation industry benefited from business travels, rise in number of air travelers on leisure/pleasure trips, international tourism, growth in student travel under student exchange programs, global sports meets and growing popularity of medical tourism are also contributing to the significant increase in air traffic and hence fueling demand for airline catering.

Fast paced urbanization and resultant increase in migrant population is also driving increased passenger traffic between major business centers and towns, representing a major growth driver for the inflight catering services market.

Asia-Pacific and China represent key markets, led by rising number of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) as well as expanding middle class income group with increased discretionary spending; rapid urbanization; increasing international travel and tourism, and rising standard of living to complement aspirational travelling are factors poised to drive growth in the region.

North America is another key in-flight catering service market, supported by the increase in the number of flyers travelling for tourism and business. Given the higher disposable incomes of people, air travelers in the region spend significantly on on-board catering.

Key Topics Covered:




  • Impact of Covid-19 and a Looming Global Recession
  • Architecture of In-Flight Catering System
  • In-Flight Catering Services: Providing Quality, Fresh and Delicious Food to Air Passengers
  • Low Cost Carriers to Gain Greater Market Share
  • Economy Class Drives Market Growth
  • Air Passengers Exhibit Preference for Meals
  • In-Flight Catering: One of the Most Dynamic Segments in the Catering Industry
  • Inflight Catering: Major Trends Summarized
  • Airline Catering: From Simple Fare Comprising Biscuits to Elaborate Multiple Meal Option Menus
  • Quieter Airplanes Make it Easy to Savor In-Flight Meals
  • Food Services for Premium Cabins Similar to Top Restaurants on the Ground
  • Advent of Cultural and Religious Diets
  • Complimentary and Paid Multiple-Course Meals
  • Popular Food, Beverage and Culinary Trends in Airline Catering
  • Locally Procured Food: The New Flavor of the Season
  • Vegetables Take Center Stage
  • Adding Spice to Food
  • Hawaiian Food Going Places
  • Healthier Breakfast Options
  • Branded Farm Produce
  • New Meat Cuts
  • Stuffed Items Gain Popularity
  • Signature & High Class Cocktails
  • Seafood
  • Fast Food
  • Packaged Popcorn
  • Best Coffee Onboard
  • Craft Beer
  • Seasonal Food Items for Holiday Travelers
  • Spices and Herbs Replace Artificial Additives and Salt
  • Foods from Home/Destination Country
  • Nutritious Food Onboard: A Major Attraction for Health Conscious Customers
  • Few Other Airline Food & Catering Trends in a Nutshell
  • All Things Significant about Food Served in Flights across the World
  • Major Aspects of Aircraft Food
  • Emerging Economies to Propel Future Growth in In-Flight Catering Services Market
  • Economic and Demographic Fundamentals Support Market Growth
  • Major Market Challenges Summarized
  • gategroup and LSG Sky Chefs: Two Global Leading In-Flight Caterers
  • Leading Airlines for In-Flight Meals
  • British Airways: Managing Growing Competition through Novel Offerings
  • Emirates Group: Transforming from a Regional Leader to a Globally Recognized Brand
  • Cathay Pacific's New Catering Model for Business Class Passengers Speeds up Service
  • Airport Catering Services Market Continues to Witness M&A Activity
  • gategroup's Acquisition of LSG's European Operations: A Major Development in Airline Catering Market
  • Partnerships between In-Flight Catering Companies and Airlines on the Rise
  • Strategies Adopted by Leading Airlines/Catering Service Providers
  • In-Flight Meal Experience Plays Major Role in Airline Branding
  • Matching Consumer Expectations: Difficult but Essential
  • Airlines Strike Balance between Catering Costs and Brand Image
  • Airlines Extend Premium-Quality Foods to Non-First Class Passengers
  • Large Airlines Focus on Lean Operations, Shed Catering Units
  • Novel Concepts in Production, Material & Process Management
  • Regulatory Forces Keep Close Watch
  • Catering & Logistics: The Most Essential Combination for Caterers

2. FOCUS ON SELECT PLAYERS(Total 73 Featured)

  • AAS Catering Co., Ltd.
  • Abby`s Catering
  • ANA Catering Service Co., Ltd.
  • Brahim`s SATS Food Services Sdn Bhd
  • Cathay Pacific Catering Services (H.K.) Ltd.
  • dnata
  • Emirates Flight Catering Co., LLC
  • Gate Gourmet
  • KLM Catering Services Schiphol BV
  • LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • Newrest Group International S.A.S
  • Royal In-Flight Catering Co., Ltd.
  • SATS Limited
  • Saudi Airlines Catering Company


  • Surge in Air Travel and the Corresponding Increase in Passenger Traffic Drive Healthy Growth in Demand for In-Flight Catering Services
  • Stable Commercial Aviation Outlook Signals Growth Opportunities for Airline Catering
  • Ground Handling Services: The Backbone of In-Flight Catering
  • Growing International Tourism and Consequent Rise in Air Travel to Benefit In-Flight Catering Market
  • Booming Outbound Travels of Chinese Millennial Population to Benefit Growth Prospects for In-Flight Catering
  • Increasing Pressure to Reduce Costs Favor In-flight Catering Outsourcing
  • Shift from Complimentary Meals to 'Buy on Board' Transforms In-Flight Catering from Free Service Offering to a Revenue Model
  • Low-Cost Carriers Boost the "Buy on Board" Segment of Travel Retail
  • Local Touch to Buy-On-Board Catering
  • Culturally Diverse Food Preferences Spur Growth in Demand for Special Meals
  • Mobile-Based Ordering and Pre-Ordering Takes Off
  • Pre-ordered Meals at Airport Restaurants
  • Pre-Ordered Meals before Flights
  • Paid Pre-order Meals Still Not Flying
  • Dietary Restrictions and Food Allergies: The Main Considerations for Airlines When Deciding Menus
  • Demand Surges for Healthy and High Quality Food
  • Mini Meals: The Latest Fad for the Health Conscious Airline Traveler
  • Rising Airline-Hotel Collaborations Benefit Market Prospects
  • Enduring Trend of Environmental Sustainability Augurs Well for Long Term Growth of In-Flight Catering
  • Air Travel Plastic Waste Increasing Steadily: A Major Concern
  • Use of Plastic in In-Flight Catering Raises Carbon Emission Concerns
  • Major Airlines Undertake Sustainability Initiatives to Address Climate Change
  • Focus on Environmental Conservation and Cabin Waste Reduction Influence Packaging of Inflight Meals
  • Innovative Airline Amenity Ideas from PriestmanGoode
  • Edible Cups of Air New Zealand
  • SAS Unveils New, Sustainable Packaging of New Nordic Food Concept
  • SunExpress Germany Offers Meals in Recyclable, Bio-packaging
  • SIA Embarking on New Onboard Sustainability Initiatives
  • The Bring-your-Own-Cup Trend Catching Up in the Air Travel Industry
  • Airlines Caterers Prepare to Meet Challenges Posed by Increasing Numbers of Aging Air Travelers
  • Emerging Middle Class & Rapid Urbanization: Megatrends Driving Air Travel & Airline Catering
  • Innovations, Advancements and Service Enhancements
  • The Vertical Farm of Emirates
  • Lufthansa's Astronauts' Meals
  • Airborne Cooking Robot
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence by Airlines for Improved Food Supply and Sales
  • Sous-Vide Cooking Process from Cuisine Solutions
  • On-Demand Food Service for Enhanced Travel Experience
  • Meal Ordering Devices (MODs) for Taking Orders
  • Automated In-Flight Catering Management Solutions
  • Hybrid Model: The Next Big Thing in Airline Catering
  • Food Trucks
  • Onboard Picnic Services
  • Deep Frozen Meals
  • Key Challenges Facing In-Flight Catering Market




  • In-flight Catering Services Market in the US: Poised for Stable Growth
  • Improving Commercial Aviation Sector to Benefit Demand Prospects
  • Increasingly Choosy Food Habits of Air Travelers Drive Growth in the Matured US Market
  • In-Flight Food Takes the Healthy Route
  • Willingness of Consumers to Pay Extra for On-Board Meals Bodes Well for the Market
  • North American Airlines Adopt New Approach towards In-Flight Food
  • Lean Manufacturing Leads the Way
  • In-Fight Catering: Localization and Personalization Assumes Importance
  • DIY Catering Comes to Rescue in Remote Locations
  • Lack of Adequate Safety Precautions in Airline: A Major Cause of Concern


  • Healthy Rise in Air Passenger Traffic Fuels Market Growth


  • Growing Preference for Culture-Specific Meals Sustain Market Growth


  • Surging Demand for Air Travel Spurs Growth in Chinese In-Flight Catering Services
  • Rapid Market Development Results in Fierce Competition
  • Strategies to Drive Growth in China's In-Flight Catering Market
  • Reducing Cost of Catering Operations
  • Local Characteristics, Chinese-Style Catering
  • Creating Healthy and Safety Atmosphere for Aviation Compound Food
  • Developing People-Oriented Service with Focus on Tourists


  • Growing Demand for New Airplanes to Benefit Market Growth
  • European Airlines Offer Buy-On-Board Services
  • Impact of Reorganized EU VAT System on In-Flight Catering Services in Europe



  • UK Airlines Charge In-Flight Meals in Tune with Global Trends


  • Rising Air Travel Fuels Growth in Airline Catering Market
  • Changes Abound in Airline Catering Industry
  • In-Flight Catering Market Faces Food Safety Challenges


  • Surging Air Passenger Traffic & Growing Affluence Drive Strong Market Growth
  • Booming Commercial Aviation Sector Offers Lucrative Growth Opportunities
  • Bakery Products Signal Opportunities for In-Flight Caterers
  • In-flight Bakery Product Choices in Asia-Pacific


  • India: A High Growth Market for In-Flight Catering Services
  • Branded Foods Find Favor with Airlines
  • Rise in Low Cost Carriers with Buy on Board Options
  • National Carrier Bows Down to Pressure
  • Rise of Halal Tourism in India
  • Flight Caterers Begin Diversifying into Retail Business to Remain Afloat
  • Key Challenges Confronting In-Flight Caterers in India


  • Steadily Growing Aviation Sector Augurs Well for In-Flight Catering Services Market


  • Middle East Market for In-flight Catering Gains Prominence
  • Middle Eastern Carriers Forge Ahead in On-board Catering Services
  • Back Catering: An Emerging Trend in the Market


  • An Important Regional Market Owing to Religious Travel


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