Harvest Trading Cap Impacts El Salvador With Its New Financial Technology Educational Model


MIAMI, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Representatives of Harvest Trading Cap will be present in El Salvador on February 28th, 2022, the country that has been a proponent of the Bitcoin Law in that country. The President MR Nayib Bukele delivered the bill to the Legislative Assembly, through the Minister of Economy, Maria Luisa Hayem.

The executives of Harvest Trading Cap were received by the Deputy for the Department of Santa Ana Mr. José Safie and the Rector of Andragogy Autonomous University, Guatemala Dr. Roberto Torres.

The first instance Jairo González the MA CEO of Harvest Trading Cap accompanied by the Executive Director of Harvest Trading Cap Academy Lic. Gregorix Polanco and entourage, held a meeting with the mayor of Tepecoyo Mrs. Janneth Gonzalez. Where Gonzalez developed the projection of the educational department Harvest Trading Cap Academy, also expressed his commitment to benefit the people living in the community. He added "that its purpose is to educate and impact every person in the community, making it easy for them to understand the usefulness of new financial technologies (FINTECH)."

They also held a meeting with the president and legal representative of the Jerusalem Foundation, Mrs. Laura Ventura, guests present; the Alternate Deputy of the Department of Santa Ana, Mr. José Safie and the Rector of Andragogy Autonomous University, Dr. Roberto Torres.

In this meeting they discussed the enactment of educational services, where the main idea of the meeting is to create sources of employment with the scholarships that will be provided through the Jerusalem Foundation and, that they can have access to all the services that represent Harvest Trading Cap: such as consulting, business management with new financial technology, token development, computer security, NFT and new FINTECH products.

The Bitcoin Law is a law approved on June 8, 2021 by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, with 62 votes in favor and 19 votes against. The law meant the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador, becoming the first country in the world to approve the use of the cryptocurrency.

The educational proposals by Harvest Trading Cap and its educational department Harvest Trading Cap Academy is to teach the management of technologies and digital assets such as Bitcoin, with such training the Salvadoran population will be able to receive the benefits provided by their country in approval of its financial laws.

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Jairo Gonzales at one of his important meetings in El Salvador. The first instance Jairo Gonzalez the CEO of Harvest Trading Cap accompanied by the Executive Director Lic. Gregorix Polanco and entourage are well re

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