Dance grows its electric mobility subscription to Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Paris while expanding its product line to include electric mopeds

The ebike subscription company enters the international market, scaling its vision of pioneering a full-service approach to encourage more to try sustainable transportation

BERLIN – March 9, 2022 – Electric mobility subscription company Dance is growing to span five cities and three countries while expanding its vehicle fleet, ushering in a new way to commute for residents of Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Paris. The Berlin-based startup is also expanding the service area in its home market to better connect people across the capital. 

Dance is also adding two new vehicles to its lineup: in all markets, members can sign up for a low-step version of its custom-designed ebike. Both models are powered by the Dance app, which provides insights such as distance, speed, time in ride while estimating the CO2 that would have been produced if the member had chosen a car instead.

Dance members in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich) will also be able to choose the Dance Moped. No matter their vehicle or city, all Dance members will have access to included repairs and maintenance thanks to Dance’s signature Concierge Team, all enabled in the Dance app.

Growing the movement
“Our goal at Dance has always been to spark a global movement towards creating safer, more livable cities by offering a flexible and convenient way to travel,” said Dance CEO and cofounder, Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss. “Now is the right time: with increased cycling infrastructure, public discourse and political will across Europe to create more sustainable cities, we can help more people choose a more sustainable commute,” added Quidenus-Wahlforss.

Additional vehicles
Dance’s ebike now includes the Dance One Step, perfect for those who prefer an ebike they can easily hop on and off of in urban areas. All Dance ebikes are also now compatible with select accessories like child seats; more info can be found on the Dance website

Dance members in Germany can now select the Dance Moped, an electric moped in the company’s signature color. It is a customized model of a vehicle manufactured by the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, NIU. The product expansion follows the acquisition of Rollich, a Berlin-based emoped subscription company.

“By offering electric mopeds, we can welcome more people to our movement,” noted Christian Springub, chief operating officer and cofounder at Dance. “We’re excited to make our subscription even more compelling to city dwellers,” Springub said.

Availability and pricing
Emopeds and expanded service areas will begin rolling out to customers spring 2022, and all memberships will include convenient repairs that can be scheduled within 24 hours. Limited-time introductory prices for new customers and new markets are as follows:

  • Ebikes start at €49/month for a yearly subscription or €69/month for a flexible subscription
  • Emopeds start at €79/month for a yearly subscription or €99/month for a flexible subscription

Regular pricing will reactivate later in 2022:

  • Ebikes start at €59/month for a yearly subscription or €79/month for a flexible subscription
  • Emopeds start at €89/month for a yearly subscription or €119/month for a flexible subscription

Introducing Dance for Business 
The company is also launching an enterprise product: Dance for Business. Dance enables companies to offer an eride subscription as an employee benefit. Employers can choose to fully or partially cover monthly memberships at a low cost, with minimal administration and no minimum commitments. Both employers and employees receive tax and cost benefits while encouraging a more fun and active way to commute. 
The benefit is a relevant way to stand out as an employer: according to a Dance survey of Europeans done with Wakefield Research, 53% would be more likely to choose an employer if they offered an ebike subscription as a benefit. 
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People riding e-bikes and an electric moped from Dance in a city.