AEM United States Ag Tractor and Combine Report February 2022


 February YTD - FebruaryBeginning Inventory
 20222021%Chg 20222021%ChgFeb 2022
2WD Farm Tractors        
 < 40 HP11,81010,9258.1 22,10421,0255.155,091
 40 < 100 HP4,1343,8597.1 8,1558,0641.116,776
 100+ HP1,4811,15827.9 2,9862,54217.55,321
 Total 2WD Farm Tractors17,42515,9429.3 33,24531,6315.177,188
4WD Farm Tractors1721710.6 3973970.0385
Total Farm Tractors17,59716,1139.2 33,64232,0285.077,573
Self-Prop Combines2001943.1 405544-25.6488

The AEM Ag Tractor and Combine Report is provided monthly and is derived from AEM member companies through proprietary statistical reporting programs. The data is provided by AEM members and represents preliminary monthly retail sales of Ag equipment.  Separate reports are available for the U.S., Canada and Russia. For more information, please visit: Attention Media: To speak with an AEM spokesperson about the data, please contact Sandra Mason at

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