Simio Sync 2022: Practical Applications Comes to a Successful Conclusion

PITTSBURGH, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simio is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of its fifth Simio Sync event titled "Practical Applications". The virtual conference introduced Simio users, simulation, and digital twin modeling professionals to the technicalities, tips, and important steps to applying Simio to solve real-world problems. At the end of the event, attendees gained insight into applying Simio across multiple industries, such as, manufacturing, aeronautics, warehousing, healthcare, consulting, and academic.

The three-day event consisted of sessions from speakers from leading enterprises across a cross-section of industries. Speakers shared industry-specific knowledge on the technical application of Simio simulation and digital twin modeling tools.

Kirill Dobrodomov, Operational Excellence Engineer at Bristol Myers Squibb, kick-started the event by discussing the application of Simio at its CAR-T manufacturing facilities to evaluate operations. Kirill took attendees through the technical process attached to using Simio dashboards, and complex logic to evaluate uncertainties and verify the behavior of its models.

Carlos Lares, Senior Operations Manager at Skyworks Solutions, and Ryan Welch Lutrell, Simio Solution Engineer, introduced attendees to utilizing Simio to develop a Job Shop Model Characterization Lab. The model was developed to gain insight into resources interactions within the lab and to optimize operations within the test lab. 

The first day also witnessed Maria Servitja Robert and Ana Ruiz from Accenture showcasing a detailed digital twin of a warehouse's operation built using Simio Software. Scott Swann of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Tolga Yanasik of Dijitalis, Handre Dreyer of SET, Bryan Sardo of TerraPower with Adam Sneath of Simio, and Jeff Brelsford of Mosimtec showcased the application of Simio simulation modeling capabilities to develop accurate models and integrate complex dispatch logic to solve difficult logistics, capacity planning, and operational problems. 

Bailey Kluczny, President at Strongside Technologies, rounded up the sessions for the first day with his presentation on utilizing Simio API features and modeling capabilities to develop a model of a production facility. Attendees learnt about utilizing Simio's interface and analytical tools to assess the operational capabilities of the production facility.

The second day showcased technical discussions about applying Simio to solve complex challenges in the foodservice industry, food and beverages manufacturing, and packaging industries. Victor Cereijo and Carlos Espinosa of Profitality introduced attendees to the application of simulation modeling to solve operational challenges in the foodservice industry with focus on optimizing drive-thru operations. 

Sessions at Day 2 included presentations from Maria Servitja Robert and Guillermo Bonmati of Accenture, Mohamed Eldakroury and Amy Walczyk of Danfoss Power Solutions, Zamri Combrinck and Hulda Viljoen of SET, John Gilmore of Optimax, Alexander Wessner of Bristol Myers Squibb, and Rienk Bijlsma of Systems Navigator. Attendees were introduced to use cases involving taking advantage of the discrete stochastic workflow and table structure Simio Software provides. 

Maria Diaz, Business Process Optimization Manager at Spirit Airlines, rounded off the day with her session discussing the application of simulation modeling to solve customer problems and improve service delivery levels.

The final day of the Simio Sync Practical Applications started with Simio engineers showcasing the diverse tips and tricks users can employ to enhance simulation and digital twin models. Elizabeth Millar, Applications Engineer at Simio, educated attendees on Simio features such as data tables, table relationships, utilizing shortcuts, and leveraging custom objects to design functional models.

Rylan Carney, Applications Engineer at Simio, introduced the neural network features present in Simio Software. His presentation highlighted the symbiotic relationship between simulation modeling and utilizing neural networks to create complex rules or logic. Ryan's presentation showcased how Simio is used to generate training data for neural networks and the importance of Simio's support for ONNX format utilities. 

Templates were presented by Simio that showcased the ability of Simio to use a standard framework. Glen Wirth, Solutions Architect at Simio, spoke on the "Make, Transport and Replenish Template." This template model highlights the use of transporters for material movements and material replenishment policies uses in scheduling applications and shows some of the best practices that Simio has identified. 

Devdatta Deo, Senior Engineer at Simio, introduced the "Mix, Tank, Fill Template." He explained the best practices he identified to capture  constraints in a data driven framework.

The concluding sessions of the event shed the spotlight on Simio LLC's drive to support the teaching and learning of simulation modeling in educational institutions. Assistant Professor Cameron Mackenzie, alongside students from the Iowa State University, Marcelo Henriques, Researcher and Invited Lecturer at the University of Minho, and Grant Romine, Ph.D. student at Auburn University, discussed the use of Simio to simplify decision-making, resolve production scheduling, and inventory management challenges. 

Eric Howard, Vice President of Marketing Simio, thanked the attendees for the roles they played in making the event a success. He said, "We extend our thanks to the speakers for their insightful sessions and taking the time to answer questions from the audience." He continued by saying that "the Practical Applications event is the first of two conferences Simio intends to organize in 2022. Details for the next event will be announced in May!" You can relive the entire Simio Sync 2022: Practical Applications conference:

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