Experts' Tips for Carbon Monoxide Safety This Winter

The leading plumber port stephens wide shares their advice for ensuring carbon monoxide safety in the home this winter.

SYDNEY, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Being impossible to see, taste or smell, carbon monoxide can quickly and easily cause irritating or painful effects - or worse. The Plumbing Lifesaver, providers of a range of plumbing services from blocked drains to hot water repairs Port Stephens wide, explain how to avoid carbon monoxide leaks in the home this winter. 

Winter is a common time for carbon monoxide leaks, says The Plumbing Lifesaver, because heaters are running more often than at any other time of the year and colder temperatures tend to trap air pollutants closer to the ground. As the colder months loom closer, there are a number of simple, low cost or no cost measures that homeowners can take to ensure carbon monoxide safety and bring peace of mind to everyone who lives in the home. 

First and foremost, The Plumbing Lifesaver urges every homeowner to install carbon monoxide detectors and ensure that their batteries are always up to date. Having detectors in the home is a very easy way to make sure no carbon monoxide is polluting the air. If a carbon monoxide detector seems like it may not be working properly even with fresh batteries, experts inform homeowners that it is always better to be safe than sorry - investing in a new detector will minimise stress and ensure the utmost safety.

The Plumbing Lifesaver recommends homeowners conduct regular checks on gas hot water heaters. Once a week, they should look over the system to make sure it's running as it usually does - if anything seems amiss, homeowners shouldn't hesitate to call a plumber to perform a more thorough inspection of the system. Checking the heater regularly will also get homeowners familiar with the system and understand how it should work when it is running at its best. On top of consistent checks, homeowners should also schedule a yearly service performed by an experienced, licensed technician. 

With the right precautions and the help of well trained professionals, The Plumbing Lifesaver assures homeowners that carbon monoxide leaks should not be a worry. Find out more about The Plumbing Lifesaver's range of top quality services today, from hot water to blocked drains Port Stephens wide. Contact: 0448 669 938

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