3G Sunset Is Here: Consumer Tips from a Solar Expert

Solar expert recommends checking equipment and incentives, responding quickly to avoid more delays

Scottsdale, AZ, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 3G sunset is underway. AT&T officially began its phase-out of support for devices operating on 3G (and older) networks, and the other major telecommunications networks will follow suit throughout the rest of 2022.

In total, the 3G sunset will impact more than 20 million devices, including cell phones, medical and home-security devices, and cleantech assets like electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and solar monitoring equipment.

Rue Phillipspresident and co-founder of 365 Pronto, Inc.—a cleantech platform revolutionizing the operations and maintenance (O&M) of renewable energy assets—offers three key tips for consumers to help them navigate this change. Phillips, an electrician and solar entrepreneur, has over 30 years of experience in solar and electric vehicle charging O&M.

Tip #1: Know Your Equipment

“Whenever I talk to a homeowner who has a solar installation, the first question they ask about the 3G sunset is how to tell whether they have an impacted device.

“Your solar manufacturer, asset manager, or the organization in charge of your incentives should be in touch with you to let you know that you have a 3G device. The timing of this will vary by the network your equipment uses to communicate, and whether you receive incentives or have a contract that includes monitoring requirements.”

Tip #2: Check Your Incentive Terms

“All solar customers benefit from their ability to monitor their solar system’s performance. In states that offer incentives like solar renewable energy credits (SREC), customers rely on cellular connectivity to automatically report their output and maintain eligibility for incentives. 

“For some, failure to maintain connectivity and replace outdated equipment could result in the loss of thousands of dollars in incentives, or they could be subject to additional fees or charges.

“Solar owners should review the terms of their solar incentive contracts to confirm the type of connectivity needed to receive their SRECs and other incentives. It’s important to know this information now to avoid an unpleasant surprise later if your incentives are negatively impacted.”

Tip #3: Be Ready to Act Quickly

“The meters and modems that communicate solar production are not immune to the supply chain struggles that have plagued other industries. Factory workforce shortages, high demand, and delays at ports have caused significant issues for companies working to replace 3G devices. Over the next few months, the demand for 4G/LTE/5G solar modems and meters will only increase. 

“Consumers should be prepared to act quickly when they are contacted by their solar manufacturer, SREC broker, or asset manager to replace their 3G equipment. By promptly purchasing or reserving your new equipment, you lock in your place in line and avoid potential price spikes that could come later this year.”

365 Pronto’s renewable energy and logistics experts work with organizations and finance companies that own, manage, and trade solar portfolio assets or EV charging equipment to navigate the complex challenges that the 3G sunset presents.

The firm’s wraparound solution includes portfolio equipment analysis, customer outreach, and education; equipment procurement and logistics; and installation and testing by one of 365 Pronto’s local, certified, and compliant service providers.

ABOUT 365 PRONTO, INC: 365 Pronto, Inc., an Enphase Company, is a predictive platform that uses proprietary technology to match cleantech asset owners with local, on-demand, certified service providers. This cutting-edge, user-friendly solution is revolutionizing cleantech operation and maintenance—all without contracts, membership fees, obligations, or bidding. Service made simple. Additional information is available at www.365pronto.com


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