Port Stephens Plumber Busts Common Myths About Drain Cleaning

Relying on quick fixes for a blocked drain could be making the underlying issue worse, causing more expensive repairs down the track.

SYDNEY, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the leading plumber Port Stephens wide, The Plumbing Life Saver, those with any sort of drain issues should call in the experts for professional advice. A quick search online reveals there are many myths about drain cleaning that homeowners should be aware of to avoid potentially expensive repairs. 

Firstly, The Plumbing Life Saver says not all drains work the same. In fact, a home will have several types of pipes that work differently and have different properties, therefore the method of cleaning these drains will differ. 

The Plumbing Life Saver advises against using store-bought chemicals to fix a clogged drain. Not only are many of these chemicals bad for the environment and the health of the home's occupants, but they can also make the issue worse.

Another myth associated with drain cleaning is that all plumbers specialise in this service. As the leaders in fixing blocked drains Port Stephens wide, The Plumbing Life Saver says that while drain cleaning is a common service, some plumbers specialise in this area and have more advanced techniques and equipment, enabling them to more effectively fix any issues.

Many homeowners jump to the conclusion that any plumbing issues will be expensive to fix, which The Plumbing Life Saver says isn't necessarily the case. In fact, a clogged drain could be a relatively straightforward and inexpensive problem for a professional to fix.

The Plumbing Life Saver says that while drain snakes are good at finding a clog, they aren't the most effective tool to clear them, which is another reason why it pays to call on the experts. Unless someone is a trained professional in drain cleaning, they can make the problem much worse and more expensive to fix. 

Many homeowners tend to think plumbing issues such as slow flowing drains will sort themselves out. The Plumbing Life Saver says this is not normal and requires professional attention before it becomes a more serious issue. 

Calling on a professional to clean drains and remove any blockages will ensure it is done right and will reduce the chances of blockages in the future. For any plumbing issues including blocked drains and other services such as hot water Port Stephens wide, contact The Plumbing Life Saver at 0448 669 938.

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