Harvest Trading Cap Makes Donation of Twenty Skateboards to the Centro Urbano de Bienestar y Oportunidades (CUBO)

MIAMI, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On March 5, 2022, The Harvest Trading Cap's CEO Jairo Gonzalez MA officially delivers 20 skateboards to the Director of Reconstruction of the Social Fabric Lic. Carlos Marroquin among other government entities, event that took place at the Centro Urbano de Bienestar y Oportunidades (CUBO) Colonia Zacamil, El Salvador.

Jairo Gonzalez is a person with a heart for social works and seeing the social activities carried out by the Centro Urbano De Bienestar y Oportunidades (CUBO) in favor of children and youth of the community, he donated twenty skateboards for the continuity of welfare and social development in sports, also the CEO of Moon Capital Lic. Gregorix Polanco and the President of the Jerusalem Foundation Dr. Laura Ventura were part of this vision and social contribution.

Twenty children and/or young people benefited from this social contribution. Knowing that they will be able to clear their minds by exercising with what they like is something to admire. This grain of sand that Harvest Trading Cap contributes to these children is something wonderful, and you can see the solidarity and complicity with which Jairo Gonzalez acts together with the other entities that he has met in his trip to El Salvador.

Something very important to highlight is that Jairo Gonzalez in support of the enactment of the use of new financial technologies (FINTECH) made the purchase of these skateboards with cryptocurrencies in a local store in El Salvador.

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Delivery of skateboards at the Urban Center for Wellness and Opportunities (CUBO). Jairo Gonzalez and Gregorix Polanco made official delivery of 20 skateboards.

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