Otonomo Enables Tembici to Modernize and Transform Mobility Services Across Brazil

Tembici will leverage Otonomo’s mobility intelligence platform to maximize ridership and expand its footprint across the region

HERZILYA, Israel and SAN FRANCISCO and SAO PAULO, Brazil, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Otonomo Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: OTMO), the mobility intelligence company, today announced an agreement with Tembici, a leading Latin American micromobility technology. The partnership will boost the expansion of Tembici’s operations and enable the optimal deployment of resources and transportation stations in eleven Latin American cities.

As a provider of bike-sharing solutions in Latin America, Tembici creates mobility solutions that help modernize and transform movement in urban spaces by delivering sustainable transportation alternatives for commuters. Tembici is already using Otonomo data to maximize operational efficiencies, increase ROI and advance towards its goal of reinventing urban transportation. The first Otonomo intelligence-based project is focused on understanding rider patterns to innovate mobility services in São Paulo.

Based on these initial results, Tembici plans to expand the relationship by leveraging mobility analytics and insights to make strategic decisions about its growth. Otonomo can help Tembici make data-driven decisions about where to deploy transportation stations, choosing locations optimized for rider convenience and accessibility.

“We believe Otonomo is the missing piece that will enable us to take our technology and services to the next level,” said Loren Monteiro, CMO and CPO at Tembici. “Our Spatial Intelligence and Urban Planning teams are using Otonomo’s mobility intelligence to choose specific stations for relocation and expansion. This will help us deliver better and more tailored services to our rider community.”

Having access to a diverse and significant amount of commuter data from Otonomo enables Tembici to provide the best possible services to its users. Actionable insights from Otonomo provide visibility into foot traffic, point of interest (POI), population density, car traffic, proximity to cycle lanes and bus stations, and first and last-mile entry and exit of service use. These insights also provide Tembici with much-needed information regarding micromobility hotspots.

With more efficient station deployment, Tembici will be able to:

  • provide users a viable green and safe transportation alternative in the right place and at the right time
  • increase the likelihood of commuters and visitors choosing bikes and e-bikes for travel by delivering a just-in-time mobility solution
  • contribute to the reduction of vehicle congestion, carbon emissions and noise and air pollution generated by vehicles
  • minimize navigation and parking times of multimodal users that drive to bike/e-bike stations
  • increase convenience and user satisfaction, while reducing the mobility services’ environmental footprint

“Otonomo is excited to share mobility insights with Tembici,” said Ben Volkow, CEO, Director and co-founder at Otonomo. “We believe our insights will help Tembici in its mission to disrupt the Latin American mobility services market. Our partnership will enable it to quickly expand into new markets while increasing ridership and service delivery in current ones.”

About Otonomo

Otonomo (Nasdaq: OTMO) fuels a data ecosystem of OEMs, fleets and more than 100 service providers spanning the transportation, mobility and automotive industries. Our platform securely ingests more than 4 billion data points per day globally from over 50 million vehicles licensed on the platform and massive amounts of mobility demand data from multimodal sources, then reshapes and enriches it to accelerate time to market for new services that improve the mobility and transportation experience. We provide deeper visibility and actionable insights to empower strategic data-driven decisions – taking the guesswork out of mobility and transportation planning, deployment and operations. Privacy by design and neutrality are at the core of our platform, which enables GDPR, CCPA and other privacy-regulation-compliant solutions using both personal and aggregate data. Use cases include emergency services, mapping, traffic management, EV management, subscription-based services, micromobility, parking, predictive maintenance, insurance, media, in-vehicle services and dozens of smart city solutions.

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About Tembici

Tembici is the leading micromobility company in Latin America, responsible for more than 50 million trips with bicycles in the main Brazilian cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Recife and Porto Alegre, in addition to Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Considered one of the most promising and innovative startups in the country by the list of 100 Startups to Watch (2020 and 2021), over the past few years the company has followed the expansion of the micromobility sector throughout the world, experienced significant growth and directly contributed to increasing the bicycle as a mode of transport in the cities where it operates. This year, the founders of Tembici became part of the Endeavor entrepreneurs’ network, receiving support from the organization to continue growing at an accelerated pace.

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