Middlesex Water Company To Invest $7.9 Million in Woodbridge Drinking Water Infrastructure in 2022

Iselin, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

ISELIN, N.J., March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Middlesex Water Company (NASDAQ:MSEX) has announced that beginning in March 2022, it will be investing $7.9 million to upgrade drinking water infrastructure in Woodbridge Township, NJ. Under this initiative known as RENEW 2022, Middlesex Water Company intends to replace 24,100 linear feet of water main, as well as service lines, valves and fire hydrants. This work will advance service reliability, improve fire flows and overall service quality.

The following Woodbridge streets are included in the project work area: Able Street, Bedford Avenue, Bond Street, Byrd Street, Concord Road, Drew Way, East Cliff Road, Emery Street, Falmouth Road, Highland Road, Highfield Road, Hillcrest Road, Melvin Avenue, Middle Hill Road, North Washington Street, South Hill Road, South McKinley Avenue, Universal Avenue, West Bury Road and Worth Street.   More specific details related to the project scope and schedules can be found at www.waterfortomorrowmwc.com/renew.

RENEW 2022 in Woodbridge is expected to take 8-9 months to complete for base work with road, sidewalk and lawn restoration to follow as weather conditions allow in the spring of 2023. While the Company strives to minimize the impact of our work on traffic, residents may observe some traffic disruption as the roadway is trenched to accommodate the installation of a new water main. There will also be excavations when the service lines to each individual building structure are connected to the new mains. This will impact traffic flow, but on a smaller scale. Affected customers will receive additional details about the project in advance of the temporary service interruption. Residents can expect unimpeded access to their homes as crews work to replace and install the new mains, water service lines and meter pits. Crews may revisit streets multiple times to complete all facets of the work. We value the safety of our crews and customers and advise drivers and pedestrians to practice caution in the areas where work is underway.

The project also includes the installation of exterior below ground meter pits to eventually house water meters at each customer’s premise. The company’s long-term plan is to relocate meters from inside the home to exterior meter pits for greater customer convenience and safety. The actual relocation of the meter will occur when the customer’s meter is regularly scheduled for testing.

Customers affected by RENEW can expect to be without water service for a period of 6-8 hours as their water service line is transferred from the old water main to the new main. Customers will be notified of the expected timing of this transfer in advance through phone calls and door hangers. Middlesex Water will always strive to minimize any inconvenience on residents.

RENEW is part of Middlesex Water’s overall Water for Tomorrow® Program, which consists of various projects including treatment plant upgrades and Lead Service Line Replacement which are designed to protect public health and strengthen the Company’s water distribution infrastructure in New Jersey for continued service reliability, resiliency and water quality.

Customers can learn more by visiting www.waterfortomorrowmwc.com/renew and reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions. They are also encouraged to visit our Facebook or Twitter pages or call Customer Service at 800-549-3802.

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