energyware™: Businesses Can Lower Operating Costs With Energy Efficient Practices

Solar energy and LED lighting solutions improve the bottom line for organizations

NEW YORK, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Businesses are increasingly participating in environmental stewardship by adopting energy efficient practices, but the environment is not the only party that benefits. Transitioning to energy efficient systems also reduces operating costs.

"Energy efficiency not only reduces a company's environmental footprint, but it can also reduce company costs by thousands, or even millions, of dollars," said energyware™ CEO, Jake Jacques. "Our team makes this process easier for clients by simplifying the sometimes complex process of selecting and implementing energy conservation practices and technologies."

A leading national provider of energy efficient technology solutions, energyware's™ mission is to provide the highest quality services at below-market pricing. The company offers LED lighting and solar energy solutions. The knowledgeable and experienced energyware™ team provides project consultation, project management, and helps to maximize the overall performance of these solutions. 

"The majority of firms approach energy as merely a cost to be managed," says The Harvard Business Review. "This is a strategic mistake that overlooks enormous opportunities to reduce risk, improve resilience, and create new value."  

energyware's™ solutions are at the forefront of solid business practices. According to the Business Review, "The choices a company makes about its energy sourcing and consumption can profoundly influence its cost structure. And how it manages the environmental and climate impacts of its energy use — principally, carbon emissions — is an increasingly important differentiator for consumers, investors, and corporate customers."

energyware™ shares the following tips to help companies reduce their energy consumption: 

  • Use excess energy during low or off-peak times
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Get an energy audit 
  • Power off equipment when it is not in use 
  • Educate employees on energy-saving features built into some office equipment
  • Consider installing solar panels to harness the earth's most renewable resource

energyware™ provides solutions for LED smart technology engineering and deployment and solar technology. 

Visit to learn more about how LED lighting and solar energy services can reduce your organization's energy expenditures and related costs. 

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A national provider of Energy Efficiency technology, energyware™ eliminates the guess-work of Energy Efficiency by bringing engineers, designers, best in breed manufacturing and trained energy technology installers all under one umbrella.

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