Women’s Lightweight Jacket Canada 2022 - Frank And Oak's Ultra-Light Packable Puffer Launched

Montreal, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Montreal, Quebec -

Top sustainable fashion brand Frank And Oak are pleased to present the Women’s Aero ultra-light packable jacket to its customers. Frank And Oak are committed to maintaining the best practices in the industry regarding eco-friendly manufacturing and ethical sourcing, and the new jacket is no different. Customers can now purchase this sporty, durable jacket and be confident that they are shopping with a responsible, conscientious retailer. Find the jacket here: https://ca.frankandoak.com/pages/smart-layer-outerwear-ww?

The Aero ultra-light packable jacket is made primarily of two materials: recycled nylon and polyester. The nylon is sourced from recycled textile waste, and the polyester is similarly obtained from discarded materials (even the label is made from recycled polyester). The lining is also made from recycled fibres.

Women lightweight jacket Canada

This item features the brand’s famous Smart-Layer technology, first introduced in 2019. Since most coats do not account for the cost to the planet and the wearer’s need to maintain an optimum temperature throughout the year, no matter what season it is, Frank And Oak realised early on that a solution had to be implemented that made both these goals more accessible to their community. While the use of recycled materials in their clothing’s manufacture helps solve the former issue, the store’s Smart-Layer technology means that all compatible clothes can seamlessly attach together to form a series of snug layers. However, customers may still wear this jacket under other coats if they prefer, provided they are large enough.

The Aero ultra-light packable jacket was designed to give women the flexibility they need to explore the great outdoors. As its name suggests, it is incredibly lightweight, and its innovative construction means that it can be packed without fear of degradation. This durability is represented better in the fact that the jacket is both wind and water-resistant since its dense fabric provides some protection against the ingress of moisture. Customers who prefer more rugged excursions will also be pleased to learn that the jacket is composed of ripstop fabric, which means it is woven using a reinforcing technique that makes it more resistant to tearing and ripping. Frank And Oak elaborate that reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals (in a crosshatch pattern) during weaving, thereby preventing fraying when torn.

Furthermore, the company’s attention to ethical material sourcing extends to the jacket’s insulation as well, since it features an animal-free kapok blend filling. Kapok is 5 times lighter than cotton and thermal resistant. Notably, its production consumes far less water than cotton, making it one of the store’s favoured materials for this purpose. The jacket additionally features NATULON® recycled zipper tape, which is made from recycled material (including PBT, PET and POM) via a chemical process that facilitates further recycling.

As previously announced, the Aero ultra-light packable jacket comes in several colours, including rose taupe, black, and sand. Frank And Oak is proud to be inclusive of all body types, so the product is available in XS, S, M, L, and XL. Customers should note that the retailer includes a convenient sizing guide on every listing, and the model’s height is included as well. Combined with an annotation on the size they are wearing in the illustrations, this gives customers a clear idea of how any piece will fit on their own body.

Similarly, customers are advised to check out every tab on the product’s listing for a full description of all its features. One tab to pay particular attention to is the one labelled ‘Material and Care,’ which includes instructions on how a particular item can be kept clean. The Aero jacket, for instance, is fully machine washable, but certain items may need a greater degree of care.

Frank And Oak is dedicated to giving its customers nothing less than the best. The brand takes all feedback into account when creating new products (or developing a refresh), so customers are always welcome to leave their thoughts via reviews on the site. Frank And Oak can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Interested parties are invited to visit https://ca.frankandoak.com/collections/women-outerwear to learn more.


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