CISA "Shields Up" Warning in Light of Ukraine Conflict Means Businesses Must Act Now to Bolster Cybersecurity Posture, Says Cerberus Sentinel CEO

David Jemmett shares insights, counsel to help organizations globally to protect themselves from digital cybersecurity disaster

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire -- The Russian aggression in Ukraine is unlike any global conflict most people have seen in their lifetimes, creating both humanitarian crises as well as fomenting cybersecurity insurrection that few organizations are prepared to weather, said David Jemmett, CEO, Cerberus Cyber Sentinel Corporation (Nasdaq: CISO), a global Managed Compliance and Cybersecurity Provider (MCCP) based in Scottsdale, Ariz.

CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), the U.S. federal government’s key cybersecurity communications arm, recommended in a recent "Shields Up" posting that, due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, "all organizations—regardless of size—adopt a heightened posture when it comes to cybersecurity and protecting their most critical assets."

In a new blog, "CISA Issues Shields Up Warning to all U.S.-based Organizations as a Result of Ongoing Ukraine Conflict," Jemmett said that it is important to reevaluate how organizations look at such land-based conflicts as well as understand the reasons why this is a critical concern. He advised that businesses must see the moment as a boundaryless conflict with roots in cyberattacks that have real financial and economic consequences, often funded by nation states and executed by cyber mercenaries that are untethered by borders.  

"Most stories you will read in the news seem to accurately convey the current conflicts around the globe," said Jemmett. "The top issue today centers around NATO and whether or not Ukraine will be joining or the risk to NATO if they do join. However, what really needs to be understood is that when nation states like Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China conduct warfare, they begin well ahead of time by sponsoring cyberattacks that will ultimately fund these ground wars."

Jemmett said this makes every country, including the U.S. and other world powers, a target. This demands organizations secure critical business assets and infrastructures now and not just add to their cybersecurity list to execute later.

"So, this is not simply another reminder to implement multi-factor authentication around your critical assets as soon as you can get to it," said Jemmett. "This particular warning from CISA can be read as a directive for organizational leadership to ensure their internal teams urgently prioritize and accelerate cybersecurity projects that will have the most significant, immediate impact. This may be overwhelming to you or your organization, including whether you have the capital to invest or are even aware of what to do to 'shore up your cyber posture.'

"Further, it would be good to talk with a professional who can help you identify and speed up the projects you may already have on deck which will provide the most rapid improvement to your security posture, or, 'getting your cybersecurity healthier,'" he said. "The reality is that you or someone you know has already become a potential victim in this conflict and others to come. When this land dispute is settled, we are still going to be at war digitally."

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