United States Financial Wellness Benefits Market Report 2022-2027 - Growing Role of Wellness Champions / Growing Influence of Data Analytics / COVID-19 Fueling Demand


Dublin, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "U.S. Financial Wellness Benefits Market - Industry Outlook & Forecast 2022-2027" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The U.S. financial wellness benefits market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.71% during the forecast period 2022-2027

Employers in this time of 'new normal' are taking initiatives to impart financial education, online tools, in-person assistance, and financial services to protect the interest and well-being of their employees. More than 2/3rd of financial wellness programs are employer-sponsored.

However, almost 1/3rd of them are provided by third-party providers such as those involved in retirement plan recordkeeping, where the employees themselves pay less than 19%.

Disposable personal income per capita will increase when the growth in disposable income is greater than the growth in the population - revenues in the financial wellness benefit market increase when the real disposable personal income per capita rises.


New players are entering the industry to fill this void, ramping up activity. For instance, Edukate addresses nine issues of employees who are tight on cash but might be working on purchasing a vehicle, managing credit to buying a home/estate planning, budgeting, or managing credit, among others.

Workplace financial wellness programs in healthcare companies and systems have been going strong because the industry is specifically susceptible to disadvantageous outcomes due to workforce volatility in a system where reliable and consistent care is a priority.


Prudential Financial is one of the prominent players in the market. It has offered its services to clients such as Samsung and Cintas and has more than USD 1 trillion in assets under management. Mercer is a significant player in the US financial wellness market. It has 28,000 clients and impacts the life of 15 million people.


  • Growing Role of Wellness Champions
  • Increasing Growth in Early Wage Access
  • Rising Penetration of Gig Economy in Us
  • Hijack Of the Term Financial Wellness
  • Rising Financial Wellness Incentives


  • Prudential Financial
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Virgin Pulse
  • Mercer
  • Financial Finesse


  • Aduro
  • Ayco
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Best Money Moves
  • BrightDime
  • Brightside
  • DHS Group
  • Edukate
  • Enrich Financial Wellness
  • Even
  • FlexWage
  • Financial Fitness Group
  • Financial Knowledge
  • HealthCheck360
  • Holberg Financial
  • Health Advocate
  • LearnLux
  • Limeade
  • Money Starts Here
  • PayActiv
  • Purchasing Power
  • Ramsey Solutions
  • Transamerica
  • My Secure Advantage
  • LifeCents
  • Origin
  • BrightPlan
  • Savology
  • Sqwire
  • FinFit
  • Pro Financial Health
  • FutureFuel.io
  • Salary Finance
  • Social Finance (SoFi)
  • GoPlan 101
  • The Financial Gym

Key Topics Covered:

1 Research Methodology

2 Research Objectives

3 Research Process

4 Scope & Coverage
4.1 Market Definition
4.2 Base Year
4.3 Scope of the Study

5 Report Assumptions & Caveats
5.1 Key Caveats
5.2 Currency Conversion
5.3 Market Derivation

6 Market at a Glance

7 Introduction
7.1 Overview
7.1.1 Cost of Stress to Us Corporate Sector
7.1.2 Wellbeing in the Us by State
7.2 Financial Wellness: An Overview
7.3 State of Us Healthcare
7.1 Economic & Demographic Analysis
7.1.1 Population
7.1.2 Income
7.1.3 Generation & Age Trends
7.1.4 Racial/Ethnic Trends
7.2 American Workforce Analysis
7.3 Impact of Covid-19

8 Market Opportunities & Trends
8.1 Growing Role of Wellness Champions
8.2 Increasing Growth in Early Wage Access
8.3 Rising Penetration of Gig Economy in US
8.4 Huge Interest & Investment from Investment Companies
8.5 Hijack of the Term Financial Wellness
8.6 Growing Influence of Data Analytics in Financial Wellness
8.7 Rising Financial Wellness Incentives
8.8 Administration of Targeted Benefits

9 Market Growth Enablers
9.1 Changing Work Dynamics in US
9.2 Covid-19 Fueling Demand for Financial Wellness
9.3 Financial Unease Despite Upbeat Environment Pre-Covid-19
9.4 Integrating & Leveraging Existing Benefits
9.5 Employers Take Onus for Employee Financial Wellness

10 Market Restraints
10.1 Misalignment in Financial Wellness Offerings
10.2 Fiduciary Concerns Hinder Efforts
10.3 the Elusive Roi
10.4 Low Employee Participation & Engagement

11 Market Landscape
11.1 Market Overview
11.2 Market Size & Forecast
11.3 Pest Analysis
11.3.1 Political
11.3.2 Economic
11.3.3 Social
11.3.4 Technology
11.4 Industry
11.5 Program
11.6 End-User
11.7 Type
11.8 Delivery
11.9 Five Forces Analysis

12 Program
12.1 Market Snapshot & Growth Engine
12.2 Market Overview
12.3 Financial Planning
12.4 Financial Education & Counseling
12.5 Retirement Planning
12.6 Debt Management

13 End-Users
13.1 Market Snapshot & Growth Engine
13.2 Market Overview
13.3 Large Businesses
13.4 Medium-Sized Businesses
13.5 Small Businesses

14 Delivery
14.1 Market Snapshot & Growth Engine
14.2 Market Overview
14.3 One-On-One
14.4 Online/Digital
14.5 Group

15 Type
15.1 Market Snapshot & Growth Engine
15.2 Market Overview
15.3 Consumer Tools
15.4 Employer Tools

16 Industry
16.1 Market Snapshot & Growth Engine
16.2 Market Overview
16.3 Healthcare
16.4 Financial Services
16.5 Education
16.6 Manufacturing
16.7 Public Sector

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