Fast Buds Announce New Line of Craft Autoflower Strains for 2022

BARCELONA, Spain, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fast Buds, an innovative autoflower breeder and creator of one of the finest autoflowering cannabis seed banks in the world, is thrilled to announce a new strain lineup for the 2022 growing season. Fast Buds’ latest line of autoflower genetics features crosses of classic West Coast strains and new popular cultivars to craft high-yielding and flavorful autoflowering genetics.

The strains joining Fast Buds’ award-winning library of autoflowering genetics are:

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
This genetic masterpiece is the perfect choice for avid consumers seeking long-lasting effects. With up to 25% THC, it’s a new-school hybrid that comes with a hard-to-describe terpene profile reminiscent of old-school flavors with a delicious fruity candy modern twist. Gorilla Zkittlez Auto offers a whole spectrum of effects as it begins as a strong joyful head high that boosts creativity and results in a long-lasting body stone.

Cherry Cola Auto
A superb hybrid autoflower with extremely flavourful terpenes. With exceptional 25% THC, this is a strong autoflower that produces a rare smell of tropical berries with a sweet and fizzy background, giving it a notable cherry cola flavor you may never find in other auto cultivars.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto
This overall balanced hybrid strain with outstanding 27% THC produces a pungent berry and diesel terpene-rich effect that knocks your taste buds off. Strawberry Gorilla Auto alleviates muscle pain while leaving you with a huge smile from ear to ear — the perfect choice for those looking for a day-and-night autoflower.

Banana Purple Punch Auto
The majestic Banana Punch Auto joins the “most potent autoflower” club. This marvelous variety contains up to 26% THC and offers one of the best terpene profiles out there in a mere 56 days. You can expect a candy-like terpene profile with an overwhelming ripe banana taste, deliciously complemented by a fruity background that leaves your mouth tasting as if you’ve just eaten a bag of juicy gummy bears.

Gorilla Punch Auto
This gorgeous strain produces beautiful dark purple buds with as much as 26% THC and delivers everything a top-shelf autoflower should. Gorilla Punch Auto is a great all-day strain for those looking for a perfectly balanced effect. It will give you an extra boost for creative exploration while reducing anxiety, and the delicious terpene profile ranges from creamy lemongrass to a woody and earthy herb mix that coats your palate and leaves you salivating for more.

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto
Old-school and modern Cali genetics are at their best with up to 24% THC. This outstanding variety offers an almost psychedelic effect with an overall sweet-and-sour-fruit-cocktail taste that fills your mouth and leaves you soaring in the clouds all day long.

“It takes time and dedication, and most important of all, being able to identify and select the best genetics to start with,” said Enzo Schillaci, a Spokesperson for Fast Buds. “Fast Buds has come a long way since 2010 when American genetics were completely new and unknown for many growers around the world. We’re constantly working on our independent research to advance autoflowering genetics, and are excited to share our latest line of fast-growing, high-yielding buds with the world."

Fast Buds has worked hard to create some of the best autoflowering cannabis strains on the market. They aim to bring the unique genetics available from their breeding team into the homes of all autoflower growers around the globe. Accordingly, when breeding auto versions of well-known strains, the company focuses on keeping the original genetics as pure as possible. This approach has led to the company’s award-winning strains being stocked in over 800 shops in more than 35 countries around the globe.

Fast Buds’ overall goal is to change the world’s perception of cannabis, one seed at a time. As more countries begin to evaluate cannabis laws worldwide, Fast Buds is positioned to continue providing cannabis home growers with the finest autoflowering genetics. Fast Buds will continue with the goal of increasing access to cannabis learning and staying focused on breeding innovative genetics in future releases.

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About Fast Buds
Fast Buds is an innovative autoflower breeder and creator of one of the finest autoflowering cannabis seed banks in the world. Founded in the United States, Fast Buds relocated to Barcelona, Spain 12 years ago to build an international team focused on developing top-notch autoflower genetics and making popular American cannabis strains available globally. Since then, the company has released best-selling autoflowering strains worldwide such as Girl Scout Cookies Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto. After more than a decade of focusing on producing the highest-quality cannabis seeds, Fast Buds believes it has created the new standard in autoflowering genetics.

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