TurnSignl App Expands Operations to Los Angeles; Provides Tele-legal Services to Drivers During Traffic Stops and Accidents

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TurnSignl, the app that provides round-the-clock access to legal guidance from attorneys who are experts at keeping drivers safe and protected, is now available for use in Southern California. The expansion to the Los Angeles area marks the third market where TurnSignl is available, having launched services in Minnesota and Georgia in 2021.

With the TurnSignl app, drivers have 24/7 video access to attorneys who are trained to de-escalate encounters with law enforcement. When an incident occurs, drivers simply push a button on the app or give a voice command, and video recording begins automatically while all available attorneys in the area are contacted. All TurnSignl attorneys are vetted and certified to de-escalate interactions between police, drivers and passengers. The service is designed to ensure that all parties are made aware of their rights and that those rights are protected. Whether it is a student pulled over for speeding on their drive home or a family unsure about next steps after an accident, attorneys are able to provide real-time legal guidance based on the live interaction, and ensure the driver knows both their rights and their best course of action.

“We have seen countless times how quickly a simple traffic stop can go wrong because of miscommunication and the life-threatening results that can occur. TurnSignl was created to be a solution, and to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve,” said Jazz Hampton, co-Founder and CEO of TurnSignl. “Since launching the first two markets, we've seen the tremendous value that peace of mind brings to drivers, especially for people of color and parents. We are grateful and excited for this opportunity to keep expanding across the country.”

The TurnSignl app has already garnered nearly 10,000 downloads nationwide since officially launching in May 2021. To support expansion of the service to California, TurnSignl is making the app free for a full year to the first 5,000 users in the state. To qualify, users only need to download the app. During the registration process, they can confirm they live in California, and the promotion will apply automatically. Additionally, TurnSignl is currently beta testing operations in the Northern California market and will expand services statewide later this year.

TurnSignl is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About TurnSignl
TurnSignl is a Minnesota-based tech company that provides real-time legal guidance from an attorney to drivers, all while their camera records the interaction. Founded in 2020 by three Black professionals, TurnSignl was created to bridge the gap between residents and police and to provide a simple way to help drivers feel safer and empowered on the road.

TurnSignl's mission is to protect drivers’ civil rights, de-escalate roadside interactions, and ensure both drivers and law enforcement officers return home safely.

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