JamLabs Announces Innovative Online Data Selling Platform

“jShop” Empowers Data Owners to Launch Online Data Shops With a Private Label and an Intuitive Buying Experience. Sell Data, Transform Data Into New Products, Get & Retain Customers and Fulfill Orders.

TORONTO, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JamLabs Data Science (JamLabs) is launching jShop, a powerful, innovative cloud-based product management platform for companies with monetizable data. With jShop, clients will be able to monetize their valued data by launching online white-labeled stores. jShop activates data products across all data marketplaces and puts the power of data product management into the hands of data suppliers.

JamLabs, a full-stack data science solution and advanced analytics provider, created jShop to address the needs, challenges, and increasing demands of data vendors and capable consumers. “jShop's adapters allow customers to quickly load and publish their catalog from major platforms like AWS, Snowflake, and Databricks reducing onboarding time from weeks to days,” says Charlie Frantowski, JamLabs Chief Product Officer. “jShop lets our clients create licenses that bill according to gigabyte accessed or charge based on slices selected by customers”


JamLabs Data Science Inc. (JamLabs) is a Toronto-based technology firm founded by capital markets and exchange professionals. They provide full-stack data science services and products to enable our clients on their data and advanced analytics journeys.

JamLabs has expertise in data product management, software & cloud engineering, and capital markets trading and exchanges. The JamLabs team combines deep domain expertise to solve difficult business problems and deliver successful projects for industry leading clients.


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