Vineti secures new patent from USPTO for individualized medicine platform

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vineti, Inc., the provider of the leading digital platform of record for cell and gene therapies, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No. 11,271,741, which is directed to an individualized medicine platform. The new U.S. patent further cements Vineti’s lead in enterprise platform technology for personalized therapeutics.

The claims of the newly issued ’741 patent are related to Vineti’s overall technology vision, including:

  • Accessing a wide range of individualized medicine platform modules;
  • Utilizing blockchain technology for data associated with a personalized medicine supply chain;
  • Generating Chain of Identity (COI) and Chain of Custody (COC) event data; and
  • Procurement and management of individualized medicine therapeutics.

The patent award further solidifies Vineti’s role as the leader in purpose-built enterprise technology for personalized therapeutics, such as CAR-T cell therapies. Vineti’s innovative approach to digital technology forms the foundation of the company’s Personalized Therapy Management® (PTM) platform. Vineti’s technology has already managed more than 5,000 cell and gene therapy treatments worldwide, on behalf of multiple biopharmaceutical customers.

“This patent further demonstrates Vineti’s commitment to developing advanced digital technology to serve the most advanced medical science,” said Vineti CEO Ann Klein. “Vineti is constantly innovating, with new enterprise solutions that open up patient access to these transformative therapeutics, safely and simply.”

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) are transformative treatments that are also extremely complex to manufacture, distribute, and administer. In many cases, patient safety requires next-generation traceability to ensure that the right treatment reaches the right patient. With more than five years of experience developing CGT software, Vineti is well positioned to support today’s advanced therapeutics while innovating for more emerging treatments.

“This patent represents just one of many Vineti inventions,” said Stuart Altman, Vineti’s Senior Vice President of Product. “We look forward to further innovation on behalf of advanced therapies and the patients who need them.”

This news follows more ongoing technology progress at Vineti, including the company’s recent attainment of SOC2 Type II compliance.

About Vineti

Vineti offers the first commercial, configurable cloud-based platform to expand patient access to life-saving cell and gene therapies. Vineti was co-founded by GE and the Mayo Clinic to solve the key challenges that patients, medical providers, biopharmaceutical companies, and regulators face in the delivery and commercialization of individualized therapies. Now a fully independent company, Vineti offers a digital platform of record to integrate logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing, and clinical data for personalized therapies. The Vineti Personalized Therapy Management® (PTM) platform aligns and orchestrates the advanced therapy process and improves product performance overall, supporting the full continuum of patient-specific therapies, including personalized cancer vaccines and autologous and allogeneic cell and gene therapies. Vineti is currently serving patients, healthcare providers, and researchers in hundreds of leading medical centers and manufacturing centers world-wide on behalf of a growing number of biopharmaceutical partners. The World Economic Forum has honored Vineti as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Vineti is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with teams based in the Washington, D.C. area and Yerevan, Armenia. For more information, please visit

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