Paravision to Support the DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s Data Readiness Program

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paravision, the U.S.-based leader in mission-critical face recognition and computer vision, announced today that it has been awarded a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC).

The award is a testament to Paravision’s ability to work with data at scale and provides a mechanism for the company to directly support the JAIC’s Data Readiness for Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID) program, which has a total value of up to $241 million. The DoD will use the DRAID to leverage the excellence of American enterprises to ensure AI-readiness of the data that will power the DoD’s AI transformation. Paravision will deliver broad expertise in complex AI systems and Machine Learning models, especially those with rigorous data requirements.

AI ethics were front and center in JAIC’s selection process. Paravision has an ethics committee to ensure alignment with its AI Principles for any deployment of its award-winning software. Paravision believes that its AI technology must be ethically trained and conscientiously sold and works hard to ameliorate bias and minimize differential performance. Evidence of this can be seen in the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which showed extremely low false non-match rates for every demographic group tested.

“We have integrated ethics into our processes every step of the way, from product development to use case review, to delivering solutions for mission-critical government applications. We were delighted to see that the DoD is putting a major effort into vetting vendors based on both AI ethics and operational excellence,” says Benji Hutchinson, President & COO of Paravision. “We look forward to supporting the JAIC and keeping the USA and our armed forces at the forefront of excellence in AI.”

About Paravision
Powered by AI and leveraging the latest advances in deep learning, Paravision’s industry-leading computer vision software is trusted globally by security device manufacturers, solution providers, systems integrators, and financial services firms to deliver frictionless experiences and comprehensive safety and security. From the latest in Edge AI platforms to cloud-ready solutions, Paravision powers computer vision-centric solutions with modular, highly scalable toolsets that deliver breakthrough capabilities in the most challenging conditions.

Paravision has developed deep expertise in face recognition specifically and strives to consistently raise the bar for face recognition technology in accuracy, security, inclusion, and convenience. Paravision has consistently ranked among the top global performers in NIST’s gold standard Face Recognition Vendor Tests, including 1:1 Verification, 1:N Identification, Face Mask Effects, and Paperless Travel, and matches these benchmarks with breakthrough performance in a wide variety of identity-centric applications around the world.

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