Retail Business Services Launches Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council to Further Strengthen Culture of Belonging

QUINCY, Mass., March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Retail Business Services, the services company of Ahold Delhaize USA, today announced that it has launched a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council, which is charged with driving awareness, adoption and acceleration of the company’s DE&I strategy and supports the company’s commitment to creating a workplace where every associate feels they belong.

The Council includes a wide variety of perspectives coming together to make an impact. It is led by Retail Business Services President Roger Wheeler, who serves as Chair, and DE&I Manager Valencia Seals, who serves as Vice Chair and includes representation from each of Retail Business Services’ Business Resource Groups (BRGs), five at-large members, each member of the Retail Business Services leadership team, and DE&I Coordinator Carley James, who serves as coordinator of the council.

“At Retail Business Services, we hold ourselves accountable for fostering an environment where all associates feel welcome and know they work for a company where they belong,” said Wheeler. “In standing up the Council, we are able to further our journey and accelerate action.” 

The group will collaborate over the course of a two-year term to share insights that inform Retail Business Services’ DE&I journey, identify opportunities to build the culture of belonging and help to create action plans that leverage opportunities and overcome barriers.

Retail Business Services thanks the following individuals for their service as part of the Council:

Business Resource Group Chairs

  • Richard Benton, Manager, Brand Relationship and Chair, EDGE + Allies
  • Caroline Chamoun, Manager, Process Excellence and Analytics and Chair, CONEXIÓN + Allies
  • Erin DeWaters, Director, Communications and Chair, BALANCE + Allies
  • Celeste Freeland, Manager, IT Delivery Methodology and Chair, ELEVATE + Allies BRG
  • Haydn Fry, Analyst, Compensation and Chair, THRIVE + Allies
  • Ashlee Madrigal- Nhan, Specialist, Décor Adaptation and Chair, TRADITION + Allies
  • James Montesantos, Manager, Safety and Chair, NEXT + Allies
  • Erin Rochewise, Supervisor, Customer Care and Chair, PRIDE + Allies
  • Beth Sampson, Analyst, Compensation and Chair, SALUTE + Allies
  • Michelle Thompson, Project Manager and Chair, HERITAGE + Allies BRG

At-Large Members

  • Tion Askew, Manager, Strategic Workforce Planning and Organizational Enablement
  • Tish Payson, Manager, Business Collaboration
  • Stephanie Slifko, Specialist, Talent Management
  • Cassandra Taylor, Manager, IT Infrastructure and Retail Portfolio
  • Patrick Washburn, Manager, IT Portfolio Management

Retail Business Services Leadership Team

  • Barthelemy Delacroix, VP, Strategy and Business Development
  • Cathy Edwards, VP, Human Resources and Executive Sponsor, HERITAGE + ALLIES
  • Rom Kosla, EVP, IT and CIO and Executive Sponsor, TRADITION + ALLIES
  • Kim Lechner, SVP, Controller and Finance Transformation
  • Kim Lyda, SVP, Legal Affairs
  • John McGrath, VP, Pharmacy Services and Executive Sponsor, THRIVE + ALLIES
  • Mike McKnight, SVP, Store Development and Executive Sponsor, SALUTE + ALLIES
  • Nancy Nicoll, VP, Indirect Center of Excellence and Executive Sponsor, BALANCE + ALLIES
  • Heather Paquette, VP, Retail Innovation Center of Excellence and Executive Sponsor, PRIDE + ALLIES
  • Christy Phillips-Brown, VP, Communications and Omnichannel Service Center and Executive Sponsor, ELEVATE + ALLIES
  • Jim Saccary, VP, Business Services and Executive Sponsor, NEXT + ALLIES
  • Stephanie Schepp, VP, Portfolio Management and Executive Sponsor, CONEXIÓN + ALLIES
  • Teresa White, VP, Financial Planning & Analysis

“The DE&I team is excited to partner with this diverse group of individuals to further our progress,” said Seals. “We’re looking forward to leveraging their unique experiences and insights to inform our DE&I strategy, and we are grateful for their commitment to furthering DE&I at Retail Business Services.” 

Later this spring, Retail Business Services will release its second annual DE&I Progress Report, which gives associates a transparent view into how Retail Business Services is progressing on its DE&I journey against a set of defined measures.

About Retail Business Services
​Retail Business Services, is the services company of leading grocery retail group Ahold Delhaize USA, currently providing services to five omnichannel grocery brands, including Food Lion, Giant Food, The GIANT Company, Hannaford and Stop & Shop. Retail Business Services leverages the scale of the local brands to drive synergies and provides industry-leading expertise, insights and analytics to local brands to support their strategies with services including Business Integrity Services (Legal, Risk Management, Quality Assurance), Business Services (HR Technology Systems and Process Management), Communications & Omnichannel Service, Finance Business Services, Financial Planning & Analysis, Human Resources, Indirect Sourcing, Information Technology, Pharmacy Services, Retail Innovation, Store Development, Leasing and Facilities Support, and Strategy & Business Development. We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and we foster a community of belonging where everyone is valued. For more information, visit

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