650 Group Launches Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Report Focused Exclusively on the Campus Ethernet Switch Market

HPE Aruba’s NaaS Announcements Change the Consumption Model Dialogue with Customers

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev., March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An upcoming report by 650 Group, a leading Market Intelligence Research firm for communications, campus, data center, and cloud markets, provides unique insight into the NaaS market for campus/enterprise switching.   While Managed Service Providers (MSPs) historically took vendor equipment to offer solutions ‘as-a-Service,’ vendors offering the solution directly via the channel are a relatively new phenomenon of the past two years. 650 Group’s latest report reflects the idea that the needs of the enterprises are different now and will continue to evolve away from pure CAPEX consumption models.

This week's HPE Aruba GreenLake announcement signals how the shift to NaaS is in full motion. By mid 2023, 650 Group expects that each of the top global networking vendors will offer a complete menu of campus ethernet and related network management solutions to be available in the Cloud Managed and NaaS consumption models.

“NaaS is not a new concept for Campus Ethernet Switch networks. However, it has historically been implemented by MSPs or local resellers,” said Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at 650 Group. “Vendors will continue to shift revenue away from traditional one-time CAPEX models towards subscription and NaaS to meet customer demand. Customers want increased options and flexibility as hybrid and remote work are here to stay, and applications reside in a multi-cloud world, not just in the premises data center.”

The Quarterly Ethernet Switch – Campus Switching NaaS report includes segmentation on a regional and worldwide basis and provides market data for the China and non-China markets. It also looks at the adoption rate of NaaS compared to Cloud Managed Solutions and provides additional segments by business size and other adoption metrics. The reports will also look at the vendor’s current revenue splits between traditional CAPEX and subscription-related revenue. Future reports will include additional segmentation and vendors.

About the NaaS Reports
The Quarterly Ethernet Switch – Campus NaaS report covers quarterly market shares and forecasts. NaaS reports include segmentation on a regional and worldwide basis and provide market data for the China and non-China markets. In addition, 650 Group publishes additional segment-specific reports in Campus / Enterprise Switching, Industrial Switching, Single Pair Ethernet, and other campus networking markets. For more information about the report, contact the sales department at 650 Group at +1 650 600 7104 or val@650group.com or www.650group.com.

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