NanoGraf Wins $1 Million Development Contract from United States Department of Defense to Produce Next-Generation Battery Technology for the U.S. Army

4.3 Ah 18650 will improve soldiers’ combat readiness

CHICAGO, March 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NanoGraf, an advanced battery material company and enabler of the world’s most energy-dense 18650 lithium-ion cell, today announced that it won a $1 million development contract from the Department of Defense to produce a more powerful, longer-lasting 4.3Ah lithium-ion battery. The cell will provide U.S. military personnel with enhanced run-time for the equipment they rely on to operate safely and efficiently.

Soldiers carry upwards of 20 pounds of lithium-ion batteries to power communication devices, goggles, helmets, and more. Battery-powered technology helps soldiers achieve their missions, but the weight can result in fatigue and mobility issues, putting soldiers at risk. Improved battery performance is key to the U.S. military’s success and ability to provide excellent communications and keep soldiers safe. NanoGraf’s batteries will continue to improve run time on U.S. soldiers' equipment, resulting in increased overall performance.

This is the second Department of Defense project won by NanoGraf. In 2021, the company developed the world’s longest-running 3.8Ah 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion cell, at 800 watt-hours per liter (Wh/L). This cell will go into volume production in the Spring of 2022.

“When people talk about range anxiety with electric vehicles, it’s about the inconvenience, whereas in the military, it can be about life or death,” said Dr. Francis Wang, CEO of NanoGraf. “We’re honored to have this opportunity to enable enhanced survivability and effectiveness to our Soldiers and Warfighters with greater runtimes for their critical electronic devices.”

In an industry where performance improvements are typically very small, the 4.3Ah will be a dramatic increase in energy density reaching 870Wh/L, and NanoGraf expects no impact on cycle life, shelf life, discharge rate capability, or operating temperature.

The cell will enter into volume production in Q2 2024, and be available for battery pack qualifications and fielding to the Warfighter in late 2024.

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About NanoGraf
NanoGraf is an advanced battery material company whose patented silicon-anode technology enables longer-lasting, higher-energy, and higher-power lithium-ion batteries. NanoGraf works with more than 50 companies, including some of the world’s leading consumer electronics, household appliance, and power tool brands, and over 12 strategic partners in electric mobility (from startups to Fortune 100s). NanoGraf is a spinout of Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory.

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