Banyan Security Accelerates Zero Trust Journey for Organizations with Free Version of Company’s Industry-Leading Secure Remote Access Solution

Team Edition is a no cost solution for up to 20 users and can be deployed in less than 15 minutes

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Banyan Security, a leading provider of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions, today announced the availability of Team Edition, a no-cost version of the company’s powerful Zero Trust Remote Access platform available for up to 20 users. This free solution is designed to provide teams with one-click, zero trust access to hosted applications and infrastructure services without the need for legacy VPNs, opening inbound firewall ports, or managing DNS.

IT, Security, and DevOps teams have been putting up with poor application and resource access solutions for years. This has led to inconsistent performance and less than ideal user experiences, which have a negative impact on enterprise security and workforce productivity. Being deployable within 15 minutes, Team Edition solves these fundamental challenges by combining least privilege access and continuous authorization to verify access based on real-time user and device trust. Additionally, device trust eliminates the risks associated with credential loss or theft and allows users to make use of their preferred devices without diminishing security. Added security is offered through the Banyan TrustScore feature, which quantifies user and device trust with device security posture.

“Zero trust remote access is about making it easier for people to securely access the resources they need from wherever they are. Unlike most zero trust vendors, we are taking a comprehensive approach to improving security by leveraging principles like least privilege access, user trust, continuous authorization with device trust, and trust-based access control,” said Jayanth Gummaraju, CEO & co-founder at Banyan Security. “Team Edition makes it so easy – in 15 minutes, one can set up and manage zero trust access for their team. There’s no integration, no complex enrollment, and no charge. It’s a solution designed to provide the best admin, management, and end user experiences.”

Banyan Security Team Edition is the entry tier of the award-winning Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access platform. Team Edition gives IT, Security, and DevOps team leaders the power and security of zero trust remote access, combined with the enhanced productivity of users having all provisioned services at their fingertips. New infrastructure services and hosted applications can be made available in minutes rather than days or weeks, with trust-based policy control, least privilege access, and continuous authorization while providing admin visibility, control, and security. Banyan Security Team Edition benefits include:

  • Frictionless setup – Deploy Team Edition in 15 minutes or less. Set up and manage zero trust access to hosted applications and complex infrastructure with no integration, cross-functional work, or requirements on any existing organizational infrastructure.
  • Instant onboarding – With no integration required, Team Edition removes the complexity of enrolling and enabling zero trust access to infrastructure. Users can be added immediately and given access to only the resources they need.
  • Service Catalog – Intuitive dashboard provides users with visibility into all the services, infrastructure, and hosted applications they are entitled to access, all available to them with one click.
  • Productivity features – Groups of services can be conveniently bundled together to create easy, one-click access to the entire group, saving time and effort. Additionally, users can create Favorites lists for frequently accessed applications, and Autorun capabilities allow users to instantly connect to selected applications on start.

Chase Cunningham, former Principal Analyst at Forrester and current Chief Strategy Officer at Ericom–also known as “Dr. Zero Trust”–recently conducted a live demo on setting up Team Edition and had this to say: “The simplicity and ease-of-deployment of Team Edition is certainly promising given the amount of features available for up to 25 users. The clean dashboard and ability to push out Trust Score remediation instructions are a couple things that really stuck out to me. It is easy, clean, and allows teams to go about their day–technology that everyone likes.”

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Banyan Security provides secure, zero trust “work from anywhere” access to infrastructure and applications for employees, developers, and third parties without relying on network-centric legacy VPNs. Deep visibility provides actionable insight while continuous authorization with device trust scoring and least privilege access deliver the highest level of protection without sacrificing end user productivity. Banyan Security protects tens of thousands of employees across multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter at @BanyanSecurity.

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