Alpha Aromatics Assembles Loving Care Package for War-Torn Ukraine

PITTSBURGH, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On March 11, a fragrance design company well known for its generosity of spirit, Alpha Aromatics sent a large pound pallet package to Zarszyn, Poland, a town situated near the Ukrainian border.

When it arrives, much needed items will be distributed to hungry, tired and desperate refugees as quickly as possible.

The need is so great that another package for the near future is already in the works.

Alpha Aromatics is paying a large portion of the air freight cost via Fedex International Air, and employee contributions and fund raising are expected to pick up the balance.

This package contains a myriad of much needed items most of us never think twice about because they are so much a part of our every day lives.

These: include: cups, plates, disposable cutlery, thermoses, thermal mugs, coffee, tea, juices, drinks for children; dry cookies, crackers, soups; snacks that can be quickly prepared; dried fruit, nuts, energy bars; personal care products soap, shower gel, toothpaste etc; raincoats, batteries, phone chargers, diapers, formula and food in jars for babies.

Lisa Vasko, Customer Service/Sales Manager at Alpha Aromatics and its sister company, Air-Scent International, has spearheaded this effort of love and care, and the package will be sent to relatives of personal friends of her family.

The whole company is part of this humanitarian project, as all the donations have come from employees who brought in packaged food, warm clothing, diapers and personal hygiene essentials to aid in relieving the suffering of those who have lost everything and have done nothing to deserve it.

Donations are still pouring in and will not stop until there is no need for them.

Town locals await delivery of this much needed parcel, and officials are ready to coordinate opportunities and contacts to pass the contents along to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Since the war's onset in February, many Ukrainian adults and children have been killed or wounded and almost 3 million have been forced to flee their homes and the beloved country of their birth.

Their lives have been shattered by a lunatic whose delusions of grandeur and cruelty know no bounds. 

This package provides a glimmer of hope where there was only darkness and the unspoken promise that Ukraine is not alone. The world has its back.

Everyone at Alpha Aromatics sends its prayers and good wishes to those affected by this terrible unnecessary humanitarian tragedy, and they all believe the courage of this brave populace and its leader will win this terrible war, albeit at a terrible cost to human life and property.

Contact: Lisa Vasko - (800) 295-5261

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Image 1: Alpha Aromatics Ukraine Care Package

On March 11, a company well known for its generosity of spirit, Alpha Aromatics, sent a large pound pallet package to Zarszyn, Poland, a town situated near the Ukrainian border.

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Alpha Aromatics Ukraine Care Package