Camfil Canada New Resource Covers Indoor Air Quality in Canadian Schools and Use of HEPA-Grade Air Purifiers in Schools

Learn why poor indoor air quality is harmful to children and the importance of using HEPA-grade air purifiers in schools.

Concord, ON, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Good ventilation and air filtration are critical for reducing the chances of spreading COVID-19. However, improving air quality is important for overall public health for reasons besides the presence of viruses and other pathogens.

Better air quality has been shown in numerous studies to offer significant advantages to people of all ages. For example, one study that was conducted in London found that improving air quality can lead to a decrease in hospital admissions for respiratory problems by up to 15 percent. In addition, people with asthma often experience improved breathing and reduced symptoms when air quality is improved.

Camfil’s resource covers:

  • Why is poor indoor air quality harmful to children?
  • The benefits of improving indoor air quality in Canadian schools
  • Recommendations for ventilation and filtration from the World Health Organization
  • Recommendations for ventilation and filtration from the Centers for Disease Control
  • Expert-approved air filtration solutions for classrooms and public schools
  • Role of HEPA-grade air purifier.

Camfil, one of the world’s leading air filtration manufacturers and researchers, recommends the following supplemental air filtration systems for schools. The recommendation described below are standalone systems, which means that they work independently of the space’s HVAC system. It may be possible to upgrade your HVAC system’s air filtration; however, before doing so, it is important to contact your local Camfil Canada air filtration specialist to find out which options are right for your building. Installing filters with a higher efficiency could lessen airflow throughout the building and defeat the benefits of higher ventilation rates. To avoid these problems, consult an air filtration expert.

Camfil’s City M Air Purifier

The City M Air Purifier is a very quiet device that includes a HEPA-grade particulate filter and a molecular filter that work in conjunction with one another to remove dust, contaminants, harmful VOCs and odors for healthier indoor air. The City M Air Purifier consumes 50% less energy than units of similar size.


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Camfil Canada New Resource Covers Indoor Air Quality in Canadian Schools and Use of HEPA-Grade Air Purifiers in Schools