C-Suite Network Launches the Opportunity Zone Fund for Podcast and High Business Growth initiatives

Opportunity Zone Fund focuses on high growth business opportunities using content – digital and written – to get to the next level

NEW YORK, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The C-Suite Network, the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders, is announcing the launch of the C-Suite Network Opportunity Zone Fund.

This exclusive, vetted community of c-level executives aims at connecting peers, providing insights for success, supporting career development and delivery of professional and lifestyle programs and services.

“The C-Suite Network is the most influential network for business leaders and we want to be who key decision-makers turn to, and trust, to help get to the next level of scaling and growth,” said Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman and Founder, C-Suite Network and Fund Advisor. “In business, success is about being the most strategic person in the room and this Opportunity Zone Fund deploys the right strategic approach needed to raise capital, increase business development, and generate even more economic opportunities.”

Hayzlett continued, “The intent is to grow businesses like C-Suite Radio – who last year grew by 170 percent, was profitable ,and is on track to do more this year -- and other media platforms to monetize the content.   It is well documented that podcasting is scaling fast and will continue for the next number of years. Our platforms can scale greater than the market.”

The Opportunity Zone Fund is designed to provide potentially significant tax benefits to investors who re-invest capital gains into long-term investments into communities designated for economic development. The fund’s portfolio will be comprised of many companies – some of which will exit and replaced within the portfolio. As a result, the management team will continuously and extensively assess deal flow to reinvest over time, while using tax breaks and advantages throughout Qualified Opportunity Zones and providing substantial ROI for our investors.

Opportunity Zones are designed to provide key tax advantages, such as:

  • Temporary deferral of taxes on previously earned capital gains
  • Permanent exclusion of taxable income on new gain

Investors will be able to defer taxes on any prior capital gains deposited into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOF) for up to five years. Also, the initial amount deposited plus all the accrued interest derived from QOF property (real estate and business stock) can be withdrawn from QOF 100 percent tax free after a required ten-year minimum.

The C-Suite Network offers invitation-only events as well as custom-tailored content through its media service entities: C-Suite TV™, C-Suite Radio™ (podcasts), C-Suite Book Club™, and C-Suite Network Advisors™.  

The Opportunity Zone Fund was created by Hayzlett, Fund Manager, Paul Peterson, and Advisors, Karl Post and Tricia Benn.

For more information, visit: https://csuiteventurefund.com/

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C-Suite Network offers invitation-only events as well as custom-tailored content through all its entities: C-Suite TV, C-Suite Radio, C-Suite Book Club, and C-Suite Network Advisors™. Learn more at www.c-suitenetwork.com, or connect on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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