Tom Bilyeu Reveals Innovative, Mutable NFT Avatars, Announces Forthcoming “Wallet-Aware” Interactive 3D World: Project Kyzen at NFT LA 2022

Fmr. Riot Games and Disney Execs join Impact Theory’s Rapidly Expanding Team as They Push Into New Territory with Their Groundbreaking Web3 Experience Engine

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tom Bilyeu, the successful entrepreneur and storyteller best known for his digital-first studio, Impact Theory, took the stage at NFT LA on Wednesday to reveal his studio’s ambitious growth plans. Building on what he learned from his successful 2021 ‘Impact Theory Founders Key’ NFT drop, he detailed his thesis for the future of Web3 entertainment and explained the coming roll out of Project Kyzen - a one-of-a-kind 3D NFT avatar creation portal and experiential game world. Coded inside of Unreal Engine, Project Kyzen allows users to build a fully-rigged virtual 3D avatar from custom items that can be earned, won, or purchased inside of the experience. Leveraging the wallet-aware nature of Web3 technologies, Project Kyzen will allow users to not only take custom PFP photos of their avatar, but also explore and experience an ever-expanding real-time game world. 

Project Kyzen, which takes its name from the Japanese word for ‘continual improvement’, will roll out in phases. Phase one gives users access to a unique avatar creation tool and gateway to a detailed story world that players will discover through ongoing interaction with the project. As more features roll out in the subsequent phases, users will get to compete in challenges, mini games, and create alongside Impact Theory in the world of Kyzen. Bilyeu states that the goal is to give users an entertaining way to create themselves inside of what he refers to as the growing “metaverse archipelago” - island projects being built inside of Unreal Engine that he believes will one day be connected. Updates to timing of the project’s near-term release are expected in the coming weeks. 


Project Kyzen’s release comes on the heels of Impact Theory’s C-level expansion - an expansion that includes the hiring of former Bank of America fintech executive, Jay Nadarajah as CFO, former Disney and Warner Bros. executive, John Rood as CMO, and former Riot Games executive, Andrew Silver as Creative Director. 

Tom Bilyeu appeared at NFT LA alongside moderator, and influential blockchain investor and advisor in her own right, Nicole Behnam, for his fireside chat, entitled: Wallets with More than Money: How Web3 Will Revolutionize Entertainment. The two discussed the innovative Project Kyzen and Bilyeu’s vision of the role that ‘Web3’ will play in the future of entertainment.

Project Kyzen is designed to be a strategic evolution that will help usher in a new era of entertainment. It is very intentionally not a typical ‘MMORPG’. Instead, the experience’s unique approach allows for a far more tailored approach to engagement and replay value. The project is designed to push users into a game scenario where choices both inside the game and IRL matter in your quest to level up. “We’re building out a whole new tracking system,” explained Bilyeu “that’s going to allow us to reward players for behaviors and accomplishments inside the game and out. My hope is that if you’re winning in Kyzen, you’re winning in real life.”

Designed with progression and ‘leveling up’ in mind, Project Kyzen’s ethos centers around two slogans, “Create yourself” and “Life is a game. Level up.” Bilyeu also believes that Project Kyzen is the perfect place for both Web3 novices and veterans alike. The experience is built on layer 2 to eliminate gas fees, keep item costs low, and allow for the focus to remain on the story, gameplay, collecting, and engagement that come from hodling a project. “Trading is a huge part of the attraction of Web3,” said Bilyeu “but we believe the next phase will put equal emphasis on longtail engagement and fun. That’s where we want Project Kyzen to fit in.” 

The concept of Project Kyzen makes it easy for those unfamiliar with Web3 to customize and mint their unique avatars as NFTs. To further emphasize the bespoke nature of avatar creation and customization within Project Kyzen, the minting portal will also feature the ability to assemble, re-assemble, mint, unmint, and combine elements in whatever way the user believes best expresses who they are or who they want to be. As Bilyeu puts it, “Ever dreamed of being a ninja? Or a panda? Or maybe a ninja panda? We got you. Or maybe high fashion is more your style? Consider it done. We’ve got all of that and more.” 

Project Kyzen is designed to be the centerpiece of Impact Theory’s entire suite of offerings. From our Web2 content to our comic books, film & TV projects, and our Web3 initiatives, Project Kyzen is what brings them all together. From Impact Theory’s previously released studio content like Neon Future, Hexagon, and Merry Modz to yet-to-be announced partnerships and alliances with some of the world’s most empowering thinkers, innovative creatives, and technologists, Kyzen will be the connective tissues that brings them all together in one seamless entertaining experience.

Bilyeu argues that, eventually, their over 8 Million followers across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other traditional Web 2.0 channels, will be as familiar with non-custodial wallets and NFTs as those in attendance at NFT LA, and he has thrown the full weight of Impact Theory behind helping to make that happen.  

To learn more about Project Kyzen visit the website or follow along on Twitter @ProjectKyzen

About Project Kyzen 

Project Kyzen is a NFT-powered 3D digital experience built inside of Unreal Engine that lets users create an avatar and participate in challenges, mini games, and unique experiences cued off of items in a user’s wallet. Its custom technology allows users to assemble an avatar, reconfigure it, mint and unmint it and create a truly one-of-a-kind fully-rigged virtual avatar that can be changed at a moment’s notice. Embedded inside of a larger story world, Project Kyzen is part game, part collector’s paradise, and part experience that entertains as it encourages users to be a creative force in their virtual lives. Inspired by the Japanese concept of continual improvement, the world of Project Kyzen will introduce users to challenges, mini games, and unique experiences not found anywhere else.

About Impact Theory

Impact Theory is a digital-first studio focused on the development and production of multi-dimensional media content built around compelling IP. Mission-driven to empower people at scale through story, the studio’s original content is pure entertainment that deals with the kind of themes of personal growth found in classics like The Matrix, Star Wars, Karate Kid, Rocky, and more. Impact Theory uses cutting edge technology to engage players and viewers in compelling characters and timeless themes. 

Impact Theory brings together some of the most talented writers, artists, developers, and media executives from a range of industry backgrounds, coupled with the studio’s prioritization of technology, including blockchain tech, NFTs and Web3 technology, as well as industry-leading 3D modeling and top-tier film production tools like Unreal Engine, ‘mo-cap’, and the latest in VFX & live-rendering. Impact Theory aims to consistently push the boundaries of storytelling and user engagement.

About Tom Bilyeu 

Tom Bilyeu is co-founder and CEO of Impact Theory, a revolutionary digital-first studio that produces wildly entertaining, original content focusing on themes of empowerment. An award-winning screenwriter turned entrepreneur, Tom has married his passion for storytelling with his two decades of experience building hyper-growth companies culminating in Impact Theory.  The company has experienced hyper-growth over the last 5 years and has garnered over half a billion views on YouTube alone and over one billion social media impressions.


Prior to Impact Theory, Bilyeu co-founded the billion dollar brand Quest Nutrition, which was also a hyper-growth company that grew by 57,000% in three years, reaching #2 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies.  Tom has repeatedly proven he has a deep understanding of how to build, nurture and market to online and offline communities.  Tom’s mission with Impact Theory is to empower people through entertaining content on multiple platforms in the unscripted, scripted, publishing, and NFT space. 


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