Apyland Launches Crypto’s Highest Paying DeFi Yield of 1,016,188.89% APY


Alicante, Spain – (Newscall PR - April 01, 2022) – Apyland introduces the decentralized financial asset 3.0 (DeFi 3.0) which rewards users with a new fixed compound interest model with the highest interest rate currently available.

In this new concept of decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptocurrencies are opening up new investment opportunities that have never existed before.

DeFi has caused a stir among savvy investors, creating the generation of the new rich and revolutionizing the entire industry.

DeFi is becoming the best and easiest way to make your money work in an environment where everyone can access and the income is not limited to a few. The tools used by DeFi companies to create these high returns are financial algorithms and token staking strategies called protocols which are made up of Smart-Contracts.

Defi 1.0 and 2.0 created new versions of these protocols that attracted billions of dollars and subsequently built many of the top performing crypto brands.

Apyland developers have developed a new DeFi 3.0 Autostaking Protocol Apyland (APA) that offers a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through the use of its unique proprietary protocol.

Autostaking Protocol Apyland (APA) - Highest fixed APY

Offering token holders simplicity, security and a constant high yield fixed yield of 1,016,188.89% of APY from their staking.

It is used in the Apyland token, providing it with these industry benefits:

Low Risk - Apyland Insurance Fund (AIF)

5% of all trading fees are stored in the Apyland Insurance Fund, which helps support and sustain staking premiums while maintaining price stability and significantly reducing downside risk.

The Apyland token always remains in your wallet, it does not need to be placed in the hands of a third party or centralized authority. All you have to do is buy and hold as you automatically receive the rewards in your wallet so there are no more complicated staking processes.

Interest yield - Automatic payments

You don't have to worry about replaying your tokens. The interest yield is paid automatically and compounded into your wallet, ensuring you never miss a payment. 

APY fixed higher

Apyland pays at 1,016,188.89% in the first 12 months, which rivals anything else in the DeFi arena to date.

Fast interest payments

The Apyland protocol pays each Apyland token holder every 15 minutes or 96 times a day, making it the fastest auto-dial protocol in cryptography. 

Automatic token burning

One of the interesting features of the Apyland protocol is an automatic token burn system called which prevents the supply in circulation from getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable.

1.25% of all Apyland Token Market sales are burned every day.

About Apyland

Apyland is a DeFi innovation focused company that creates benefits and value for Apyland token holders and the Apyland Autostaking Protocol (APA) is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, more efficient and rewards $ token holders. APL with the highest stable yields in crypto.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApylandOfficial

Telegramm: https://t.me/apyland_official

Website: https://www.apyland.finance 


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.