IP Technology Labs Awarded Patent Providing Clientless Identity-Based Zero Trust for Hardening of IoT Devices

The invention provides non-spoofable trusted identity for network devices enabling automatic Zero Trust network access and service control. The clientless implementation ensures that security is available to all devices regardless of vendor device or infrastructure. The invention is a key element in stopping ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and supply chain attacks.

BALTIMORE, Md., April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IP Technology Labs®, the American manufacturer of secure endpoint IoT connectivity and reliable remote access solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent #11,283,790 covering Agentless Identity-based Network Switching. The innovative technology allows the deployment of Zero Trust implementations for IoT devices without requiring a client or relying on weak, passive, or application-based methods.

“The edge is now a perimeter of one,” said Scott Whittle, President of IP Technology Labs. “The boundaries have shifted, and Zero Trust always starts with end-device identity. Network breaches often come through a device backdoor or spoofing. As the first step to hardening your IoT devices, we enable the creation of a micro-perimeter and segmentation of a single device. Now, security and IT managers can easily reduce the risks of online threats while lowering their security costs across their organizations.”

Zero Trust implementations treat all network traffic as untrusted using least-privilege access controls. This allows organizations to define boundaries with granular controls and allows only specific access to resources. Unlike other solutions available today, the invention does not require the installation of an application on the device to deliver trusted security.

The patent covers techniques that provide continuous device monitoring with automatic multifactor authentication. It provides direct and indirect firewall and network switch control to block, allow, or switch communications paths. Additionally, the technology can use certificate extensions to provide network provisioning and inventory details to assure desired security policies always follow the device.

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