Next-Generation 300,000 TPS High-Speed Blockchain Mainnet Platform Launched by SGMCHAIN

The next generation blockchain mainnet, a core technology that connects the metaverse and the real world, has emerged.

LOS ANGELES, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SGMCHAIN, a new next-generation blockchain Mainnet officially launched. This platform improves upon existing unique global capabilities through enhancements in speed, stability, performance and the critical need for the highest security in the blockchain universe. One area SGMCHAIN excels beyond all its competition:  SGMCHAIN Mainnet can perform 300,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS), certified by KOLAS. 

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SGMCHAIN announced they will provide an NFT market that allows digital or physical assets to convert into the NFTs and DID (Decentralized Identifiers) solutions on the Mainnet of 300,000 TPS.

The typical benchmark for Transactions Per Second (TPS) lies with the most-well known transaction processing network - the VISA credit card system.  This system only processes 24,000 TPS. Bitcoin process 7TPS and EOS at 3,000 TPS. So, SGMCHAIN's processing is more than 12x faster than VISA.  More here: 

Security remains the most critical issue for all blockchain platforms, given the near daily headlines of vulnerable centralized exchanges, hacked to the tune of billions of dollars' worth of cryptocurrency. To stop hacker attacks, SGMCHAIN implemented the Dual Delegated Proof of Stake (DDPoS) which uses 21 nodes for security. These four (4) random nodes act as random 'safe combinations' to protect the master node and the entire blockchain. Secure and reliable, internal processing speed is integrated in terms of authentication, management, and ease of approval on higher transaction amounts. 

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Sun Park, CEO of Sigma Chain, a California corporation located in Los Angeles, says, "To put it simply, our SGM Mainnet has the highest security developed to date and operates at an exponentially faster speed than original blockchain technology. We have the authenticated test results to prove it and are happy to share these results."

The higher transaction amounts translate into greater adaptation by more industries. To speed such adaptation, SGMCHAIN Mainnet uses the innovative token standard protocol SASTA and NFT standard protocol NSTA_602. These protocols offer full-scale blockchain commercialization capability by applying it to all industries such as distribution, FinTech, insurance and NFT markets.

When asked how such technology might apply to the market, Mr. Park replied, "Our full-scale blockchain services ensure the best security and stability in all fields, especially FinTech, media, healthcare, insurance, distribution, and logistics companies. We are the fastest and most secure transaction processing blockchain Mainnet. Bar none!"

With multiple industries in mind, SGMCHAIN utilizes a token standard protocol that is used in more than 130 customized APIs. SASTA is equipped with SSO (Single Sign On) and STO (Single Transfer On) functions, so all data, such as personal and coin transaction history, can be securely protected and transmitted.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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