China Commercial Vehicle ADAS Market Report 2021-2022: High-end Heavy Trucks Integrate More ADAS Features


Dublin, April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "China Commercial Vehicle ADAS Industry Report, 2021" report has been added to's offering.

The publisher has published the `Commercial Vehicle ADAS Industry Report, 2021`, focusing on policy climate, ADAS installations, suppliers, etc., and with a deep dive into the prospects of Chinese commercial vehicle ADAS market.

High-end Heavy Trucks Integrate More ADAS Features

In recent years, Chinese heavy truck manufacturers have successively deployed high-end products with state-of-the-art technologies. For example, Foton Auman Galaxy, FAW Jiefang Yingtu, Sinotruk SITRAK/Yellow River, etc., not only employ high-horsepower engines, AMT gearboxes of well-known brands and other excellent configurations, but also spare no effort to install many ADAS functions, such as LKA, ACC, PACC, etc., in a bid to achieve L2 autonomy. High-end heavy truck models can reflect the intelligence level of automakers and the strength of suppliers.

High-end heavy trucks of varied brands mainly leverage the solution of `front-view camera + radar + DMS camera + surround-view camera` to enable a variety of ADAS functions and maximize the driving experience and safety, according to the statistics from the publisher.

For example, FAW Jiefang unveiled a new high-end heavy truck `Yingtu` in December 2021. Based on sensors such as front-view stereo cameras, radars, and DMS cameras, it can realize AEB, ACC and other control-like ADAS functions, and also it enables PACC based on the solution of Zhonghuan Satellite.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Industry Overview
1.1 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Technologies and Application
1.1.1 Definition of Commercial Vehicle ADAS and Scenario-based Application
1.1.2 Classification of Key ADAS Functions for Commercial Vehicle
1.1.3 Functional Features of Commercial Vehicle ADAS in Varied Development Stages
1.1.4 Necessity of ADAS Use for Commercial Vehicle
1.2 Policies and Regulations on Commercial Vehicle ADAS
1.2.1 Global Policies on Commercial Vehicle ADAS
1.2.2 China's Policies on Commercial Vehicle ADAS
1.3 Technical Standards for Commercial Vehicle ADAS in China
1.3.1 Safety Specifications, Performance Requirements and Test Methods
1.3.2 Safety Specifications: Revised Content
1.3.3 Performance Requirements & Test Method: Technical Requirements
1.3.4 Performance Requirement & Test Method: Revision
1.3.5 China Safety Coach Assessment Programme (C-SCAP) (2020)
1.4 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Development Trends
1.4.1 Automotive-grade Sensors, Domain Controllers, X-by-wire Systems, etc. to Empower Commercial Vehicle
1.4.2 HD Map Based PACC Function Enables Fuel Efficiency
1.4.3 OTA Will Empower the Self-driving and ADAS Features of Commercial Vehicle in a Top-down Manner
1.4.4 ADAS Functions for Commercial Vehicle Will Show a Sharp Rise between 2022 and 2025
1.4.5 ADAS+DMS Solution Are Gaining Ground
1.4.6 Stock Market Will Spur the Demand for Aftermarket ADAS

Chapter 2 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Market and Trends
2.1 Status Quo of Commercial Vehicle Market in 2021
2.1.1 Current Development of Chinese Commercial Vehicle Market, 2021
2.1.2 Structure of Products in Chinese Commercial Vehicle Market, 2021
2.1.3 Structure of Brands in Chinese Commercial Vehicle Market, 2021
2.2 ADAS Configurations of Commercial Vehicle in China, 2020-2021
2.2.1 ADAS Configurations of Commercial Vehicle in China 2020-2021 -- LDWS
2.2.2 ADAS Configurations of Commercial Vehicle in China 2020-2021 -- FCWS
2.2.3 ADAS Configurations of Commercial Vehicle in China 2020-2021 -- AEBS
2.3 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Sales in China, 2021
2.3.1 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Installations (by Type of Vehicle) in China, 2021
2.3.2 Heavy-duty Truck ADAS Installations (by OEM) in China
2.4 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Competition Pattern in China
2.4.1 Competitive Landscape of Heavy-duty Truck ADAS in China, 2021 (by Supplier)
2.4.2 Competitive Landscape of Large Bus ADAS in China, 2021 (by Supplier)

Chapter 3 ADAS Application of Commercial Vehicle OEMs
3.1 FOTON (Foton Daimler)
3.2 FAW Jiefang
3.3 Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle
3.4 Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile
3.5 China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (Sinotruk)
3.6 Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group
3.7 SAIC HONGYAN Automotive
3.8 JAC Group

Chapter 4 Commercial Vehicle ADAS Technology Providers
4.1 HiRain Technologies
4.2 NeuSoft Reach
4.5 Smarter Eye
4.6 Freetech
4.8 TSINTEL Technology (Originally Tianjin Tsintel)
4.9 JIMU Intelligent
4.10 Maxieye
4.13 Zhibo Automotive Technology (Shanghai) (iTrucktec)
4.15 Knorr-Bremse
4.16 WABCO

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