Kennected’s Sterling Curran Promoted To Director of Enterprise Sales & Lead Generation

Indianapolis, April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indianapolis, Indiana -

In January, Kennected’s Sterling Curran was promoted to Director of Enterprise Sales after serving as Director of Sales and Development for seven months.

Curran began working for Kennected in October 2020 as a Business Development Specialist, where he was promoted to two additional roles afterward.

Kennected Enterprise Lead Generation Software Testimonial

He’s a New Palestine native and has always had a love for football. From 2018 to 2019, he served as Assistant Football Coach for New Palestine High School.

He later attended Ave Maria University with a Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology and biology.

Compared to traditional sales, enterprise sales require a lengthier sales process which can last weeks or even months with multiple stakeholders.

Companies that sell company-wide solutions like SaaS companies can qualify for enterprise sales.

Because of the amount of money invested in enterprise sales, companies' main obstacles are credibility and trust.

Because of Curran’s nearly two years of experience in sales, it seemed fitting to promote him to the next level. Sterling had this to say, “I could not be more excited to spearhead the enterprise sales division within Kennected. Kennected understands that enterprise sales organizations and teams are one of the biggest areas that can drive growth within the organization. Kennected is committed to providing first-in-class enterprise sales and lead generation tools and tactics.”

Sterling has accomplished a great deal in his career, working with businesses at the highest stakes where it matters most. Sales representatives face many buyer personalities daily, and in enterprise sales, every common occurrence is times 10.

As the director, Curran regularly engages with multiple business decision-makers to create, develop, and close deals.

Curran is big on self-growth and helping others, always advocating for his customers and the company he works for. For companies looking for new ways to generate leads and fill their sales pipeline, reach out to Kennected and Sterling Curran about how Cloud Kennect and Kennected’s suite of lead generation tools can help fill up calendars with qualified opportunities.


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