Bardavon Health Innovations Launches Second-Generation Workers’ Compensation Clinical Guidance Solution at the RIMS 2022 RISKWORLD Conference

bNOTES 2.0 features provide a more holistic view of an injured worker’s treatment progress to create contemporary claims management, ensuring a ready American workforce

Overland Park, Kansas, UNITED STATES

OVERLAND PARK, KS, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bardavon Health Innovations, one of the industry’s leading workers' compensation and musculoskeletal digital health providers, is releasing bNOTES® 2.0 at the RIMS 2022 RISKWORLD Conference in San Francisco this week. The bNOTES 2.0 features expand upon Bardavon’s unique physical therapy treatment guidance system, already in use by a national network of therapy providers across all 50 states.

This solution includes expanded functionality designed to improve clinical and claims management and deliver quality care to America’s injured workers so they can return to work and life. Therapy providers involved with initial market testing gave the new bNOTES 2.0 features a satisfaction rating of four and a half out of five stars, resulting from advanced features including easier navigation, a cleaner interface, appointment scheduling improvements, and enhanced patient progression insights.

“The release of bNOTES 2.0 is a huge step forward to bridge a historically fragmented workers’ compensation marketplace while keeping the focus on helping people get the care they need,” said Dorothy Riviere, Bardavon Chief Clinical Officer. “bNOTES will continue to deliver the right technology to the provider at the moment they need it, resulting in the best possible care.”

Together, bNOTES data and the Bardavon Digital Health Platform™ enable proactive claims management decisions and timely interventions in care, as early as the initial evaluation, so that the people involved in injured worker management can help them as they navigate the care experience.

“The treatment data collected from bNOTES guides clinicians through optimal treatment protocols to achieve optimized care personalized for every patient,” said Doug Dickerson, Bardavon Senior Vice President of Data Science and Analytics. “This will open clinical and financial data associated with a claim case, creating additional transparency between physicians, adjusters, and risk managers.”

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