Cutting-Edge Research Reveals Greater Insights into Parkinson’s Disease Progression

85% accuracy in early Parkinson’s classification establishes Clinical ink as the industry leader in patient science and digital biomarkers

Horsham, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Horsham, PA, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clinical ink, a global life science technology company, today—World Parkinson’s Day—announces research that strengthens its standing as a critical partner in advancing clinical development for Parkinson’s disease. The WATCH-PD study findings demonstrate the promise of patient-driven mobile assessments and data collection for developing digital biomarkers, showing that these yield greater insights into Parkinson’s disease progression.   

Parkinson’s disease is notoriously difficult to quantify, but analysis revealed 85% accuracy in early Parkinson’s classification. The WATCH-PD study deployed in-clinic and at-home wearable assessments. Parkinson’s patients and healthy volunteers completed active assessments via mobile iPhone and corresponding Apple Watch applications designed and developed by Clinical ink. Unique to the Clinical ink solution is the combination of patients’ active and continuous passive data collection, which was processed, monitored, and analyzed on Clinical ink’s BrainBaseline™ platform.  

“For over a decade, we have pioneered novel approaches to collecting and connecting patient data,” said Clinical ink Chief Executive Officer Ed Seguine. “Findings from the WATCH-PD study demonstrate that patient-driven technology and patient science will play an integral role in clinical discovery.” 

The WATCH-PD study is part of the Critical Path Institute’s 3DT and Parkinson’s initiatives and provides preliminary support for the generation of digital biomarkers associated with Parkinson’s status. Critically, this work demonstrates that more extensive remotely-monitored measures—gathered via mobile technology and wearables—hold the potential to yield greater insights into Parkinson’s disease progression.  

Clinical ink Chief Innovation Officer Joan Severson maintains, “These findings demonstrate that the sensitivity and frequency of our measurements provide richer data and greater insights. At the same time, our technology allows us to recruit and engage patients remotely, from anywhere, ensuring better participation and outcomes.”  

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, a critical time for this announcement, as Clinical ink begins to publish this groundbreaking, collaborative work. Learn more about how we are pioneering patient science via the design and development of fit-for-purpose mobile technologies that integrate into the everyday life of Parkinson’s patients.  

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Clinical ink is the global life science company that brings data, technology, and patient science together. Our deep therapeutic-area expertise, coupled with Direct Data Capture, eCOA, eConsent, telehealth, neurocognitive testing, and digital biomarkers advancements, drive the industry standard for data precision and usher in a new generation of clinical trials. By harnessing digital data, we power sponsors, CROs, researchers, and patients to recenter decentralized trials and rewrite the clinical development experience.  




Cutting-Edge Research Reveals Greater Insights into Parkinson’s Disease Progression

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