Super Vet - a Role-Playing 3D NFT Metaverse Animals Rescue P2E Game on BSC

Super Vet is the first-ever animal rescue 3D NFT based GameFi project built on Binance Smart Chain


SLOUGH, England, April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super Vet is the first-ever animal rescue 3D NFT based GameFi project built on Binance Smart Chain. In this RPG & P2E game, there are super vets as main game characters that rescue animals in their respective missions possessing different specialties and equipment in the 4 tiers of the Super Vet World (T1, T2, T3, T4). Players can earn exciting rewards by playing and completing missions.

The Super Vet combines the worlds of NFT, DeFi, GameFi, players, artists, NFT enthusiasts, animal lovers, veterinarians, and developers, all in one ecosystem to enjoy and function as one community and make them Play to Earn the epic vet-themed game. It follows a flexible tokenomics with the tokens' utility, $SVET— the native, and $SCRY— the in-game. In the future, the game will be expanded to the level where players can wear oculus gadgets and customize their own avatar for the Superverse (Metaverse) as well.


Super Vet is a very simple and interesting 3D P2E gameplay that connects its players with emotions. There's a vet-themed world known as Super Vet World (SVW), where the super vets as main game-characters rescue the animals being stuck, injured, thirsty, hungry, pregnant, or suffering from any afflicting situation.

SVW contains 4 tiers: T1, T2, T3, and T4; though T4 is the SuperVerse— the brainchild of the Metaverse to be played with the player's own avatar customization and wearing oculus gadgets. Every tier has some missions, where a player has to choose different mission-required super vets to rescue animals and their different superpowers, and rescue tools.

All super vets have superpowers for sensing the afflicted animals, so they'll rush toward them to rescue them. Different animals crying in different missions of different tiers require different super vets with their different super-abilities and different rescue tools. 

There's a rescue bar showing aggregated scores based on rescue time-done and efficient gameplay, and a digital timer showing the remaining time. The super vet has to rescue an animal at a certain given time, and if the rescue would be done under the given time, then the remaining time will be added as bonus points to the rescue bar as the score.

Along with that, their performance does matter. If the super vets will rescue animal(s) by tackling all the obstacles, hurdles, or enemies such as fast-blowing wind storm, many long trees like a puzzle maze-themed park, fast-moving waves in the ocean, fire, wild and venomous animals, powerful human enemies, etc., smartly in their way, then performance points will also be added to the rescue bar as the score. And the player will earn a performance title from good to best: Rookie, Amateur, Veterinary, Professional, and Legendary. With them, players will earn exciting rewards in the form of $SCRY tokens (in-game tokens) and in-game NFTs assets (super vets characters, rescue tools, health-boosting potions, medical equipment or medicines).

The more a super vet plays, the more superbly it earns. A player needs to visit the Super NFT marketplace for the mission-oriented super vets' characters, their health-boosting potions, medical equipment, and rescue tools. All in-game items are purchasable from the marketplace with native tokens ($SVET) and inside the game with $SCRY in-game tokens.

What is Superverse?

Superverse is the combination of the Super Vet GameFi and the Metaverse. As you know, the Super Vet world comprises 4 tiers, T1, T2, T3, and T4. T4 is Superverse — a brainchild of the Metaverse. Playing Super Vet in the metaverse will be an out-of-the-world experience.

It's playable by using Oculus gadgets with options for the players to utilize the Super Vet character on themselves. There would be available characters for the players to choose from, according to their taste and budget. But, here's also an option for the players to customize a new and own avatar as an animal rescuing super vet character, with their own name, face, and body. Also, an avatar is an NFT, and it's customizable with pieces of NFTs like gadgets and costumes.

NFTs & Super NFT Marketplace Importance 

Super Vet, being an NFT based GameFi, has got the coolest 3D NFT digital artwork. All the in-game player's side NFTs are the in-game NFTs assets. The super vets characters, health-boosting potions, medical equipment, and rescue tools all are NFTs. Each NFT asset has immense worth in the Super Vet's own NFT marketplace named Super NFT Marketplace

One hero can't rescue many animals with one available tool because it can't be a key to all the doors. So, a super vet's superpowers and tools are limited to specific missions or animals. Remember, there are superheroes that rescue animals, and to make the game spicier, the Super Vet game comes with a number of rescue tools and medical equipment. So, a player can choose a Super Vet character, a rescuing tool, medical equipment, or medicine to rescue some specific animals crying in their specific missions.

Why Super Crypto Chain?

With all these semantic features of a public blockchain: secure, private, individual control of data, visible, traceable, and immutable with reduced costs and high speed, unhackable, trusted, unchangeable, and extremely decentralized system in the form of a chain of blocks to record information. Super Vet has its own in-game blockchain network, named "Super Crypto Chain" (SCC). 

On SCC, players will enjoy the Super Vet game with the feasibility of the latest features and marketing trends. The new platform will have a swapping dashboard to allow users to swap their native $SVET tokens, initially based on the BSC with the $SCRY tokens of Super Crypto Chain, which are core in-game currency to purchase the in-game purchasable assets to rescue the animals like health-boosting potions, rescue tools, and medical equipment. You can also utilize these tokens to purchase NFTs in the form of characters, tools, and equipment from the in-game NFT marketplace.


Super Vet is built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), the safest and fastest blockchain to execute the Smart Contracts efficiently. Super Vet has no competitor yet in the NFT DeFi GameFi world. All in-game items are beautiful pieces of the NFTs: super vets characters, strength boosters, medical equipment, rescue tools; purchasable from the Super NFT marketplace. Also, a flexible tokenomics with the compatibility of native $SVET tokens.

Last but not least, the game has its own world called Super Vet World which has 4 tiers: T1, T2, T3, and T4. Each tier has some rescue missions inside and T4 is the Metaverse, which is named here as SuperVerse. In this, players can customize their own avatar with their own real name, face, and body with oculus gadgets and can enjoy the out-of-the-world experience together.

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