Sunflower Association of Realtors®, Inc. goes live with MLS Grid as growth continues

SALT LAKE CITY, April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MLS Grid welcomes the Sunflower Association of REALTORS®, Inc. (SAR) and Sunflower MLS which began offering data feeds through MLS Grid on April 4, 2022. This partnership with the Kansas-based organizations comes as MLS Grid continues supporting the industry efforts to modernize real estate data delivery.

The Real Estate Standards Organization’s (RESO) Web API powers MLS Grid. The platform is built on trusted, open technology standards which helps organizations efficiently deliver or receive data.

MLS Grid supports the multiple listing service industry's (MLS’) role of delivering timely, accurate, and comprehensive data to subscribers and technology companies. With nearly 600 MLSs nationwide it’s a challenge for brokerages to combine data from numerous markets to fuel websites, marketing systems, market analytics, and brokerage management systems. MLS Grid imporoves the data consumer experience  by streamling access to data and by eliminating much of the cumbersome administrative and technical support.

“Real estate is a quickly changing industry and our members need to have the most accurate data delivered in the most efficient method,” said Linda Briden, Sunflower’s CEO. “In order to achieve that goal, MLSs must be aware of advances in MLS technology and be able to implement them in a cost-effective manner.  With a small staff, that can be a challenge. Brokers and Vendors need timely and seamless data delivery. MLS Grid provides that for us.” 

MLS Grid’s leadership has more than 60 years of combined MLS experience. It’s a company run by MLS executives and developers who understand the industry and the challenges brokers and associations face in a fast-evolving market.

“Any MLS, large or small, face similar pain points with managing data feeds. Our  simplified process and automated license agreement save MLS staff significant time and resources,” said MLS Grid CEO, Joseph Szurgyi. “MLS Grid provides transparency into how data is being consumed and makes the administrative facilitation much easier. Another big advantage is our personalized support for your MLS and data consumers every step of the way.”

MLS Grid is growing quickly and continues to support the adoption of RESO Web API throughout the industry. MLS Grid works with more than 1,300 technology companies and supports over 43,000 websites nationwide. MLS Grid has three additional MLSs coming soon, including Lawrence MLS in Lawrence, KS.

About MLS Grid

Currently representing over 300,000 MLS subscribers, MLS Grid was built by a nationwide network of multiple listing services to help real estate brokers, technology partners, and MLSs to provide easier access to standardized, streamlined data.  The goal of MLS Grid is to offer a single point of access and management for RESO standardized data that is provided by MLSs and brokers. MLS Grid eliminates technology development and other redundancies through MLS collaboration while allowing MLSs to preserve their "localization" of standardized data. MLS Grid has successfully worked with data from connectMLS, Matrix, Paragon, and Realtracs MLS systems. More information is available at


About Sunflower MLS

Sunflower MLS, located in Topeka, Kansas, provides service to over 800 subscribers in the Sunflower Association of Realtors®, Inc. The Sunflower Association of Realtors® was founded in 1920 with member real estate professionals predominantly practicing in the eight Topeka-area counties. 


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