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Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Montreal, April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Montreal, Quebec -

Frank And Oak, a company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has launched their Men Aero Ultra Light Overshirt that is made from recycled nylon and polyester. The nylon is made from recycled textile waste while the recycled polyester is made from waste materials. The lining of the overshirt is also produced using recycled fibres. This aero ultra light overshirt for men is available in various sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Available colours are black and dark blue. More about the Men Aero Ultra Light Overshirt can be gleaned from

This Men Aero Ultra Light Overshirt is water-resistant because its dense fabric is capable of preventing the penetration of water to some degree. It is composed of 48 percent recycled polyester and 52 percent recycled nylon. And this overshirt can be washed in a washing machine without getting damaged. It is also wind resistant, allowing the wearer to remain durably sheltered from the wind. And because it is made from ripstop fabric, this overshirt has been made more durable because of the application of a special interlocking reinforcement process.

Mens Overshirt Shacket Canada

This Men Aero Ultra Light Overshirt has been provided with modular layers made for every season. The Frank And Oak Smart-Layer collection has become a favourite since its launch in 2019 for a particular reason. Where most coats do not consider the environment and the various weathers throughout the year, their modular outerwear that is fabricated using recycled materials, seamlessly attach together to provide the best possible art of layering. Their snap system connects all base layers and top layers together such that they are able sit appropriately while offering extra warmth. There will be no more friction, lost base layers, or bundling.

As previously announced, this aero ultra-light packable overshirt is most suitable for the in-between weather, which means it is the utility layer for this season. It is water-resistant and has a cire finish. It is packable in a separate pouch and it can easily be paired with the rest of the Frank And Oak Smart-Layer family because of its snap system. It is provided with Kapok as insulation because Kapok offers the advantage of being five times lighter than cotton. Also, it is thermal resistant and it consumes much less water during its production compared to cotton.

Right from the start when it was established in 2012 in Montreal, Frank And Oak was committed to its main goal of developing an apparel brand that would send a message to a new generation of creatives and entrepreneurs. They introduced a store at the Mile End in Montreal and this became a favourite in just a short time and over time the company grew into one of the top lifestyle brands and digital retailers of Canada. At the present, the company has been certified as a B Corp and has been recognised a leader in the sustainable fashion market because of their use of innovative fabrics using materials derived from nature to develop thoughtfully designed fashion wear to help people enjoy more, feel good in everything they wear, and live better.

They want to point out that their goal has always been to enable people to enjoy better living. Their B corp certification serves as an indication of their commitment to aim for compliance with the strictest standards of verified social and environmental responsibility. This means they need to strike the proper balance between gaining profit and public transparency, purpose, and legal accountability for each step they take. Today, 75 percent of their products are made with sustainable processed and eco-friendly materials.

Meanwhile, in 2019, they had launched a series of goals that they had targeted to accomplish in 2022. The first goal was to totally get rid of virgin plastics from their supply chain. The second goal was to 100 percent offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Their third goal was to increase their dependence on renewable energies. Their fourth goal was to have a zero-waste philosophy and a community spirit. They had recently released a report on the status of the accomplishment of these goals.

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