Apis Cor and SMASH Announce Partnership to Design, Develop and 3D Print Affordable Housing in Miami-Dade

Solving housing issues with new, cutting-edge technology

MELBOURNE, Fla. and MIAMI, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apis Cor, the company that prints buildings, and SMASH, a community land trust for housing justice, today announced their partnership to 3D-print affordable homes in Miami-Dade county. As partners, Apis Cor and SMASH will define the unique needs and specific technical objectives of their first building project and work with officials in Miami-Dade to demonstrate the viability of 3D-printing homes in South Florida.

“In a market where land is prohibitively expensive like Miami, and where there are limited funds for housing production, 3D-printing technology offers the kind of market disruption that could finally provide conscious builders with the means to meet the extraordinary demand for affordable housing in the county,” said Adrian Alberto Madriz, Executive Director, SMASH-Miami.

“Partnering with SMASH gives us the opportunity to push our technology and materials in new ways,” said Anna Cheniuntai, CEO and Co-Founder of Apis Cor. “Because Miami is in a high-velocity hurricane corridor we are exploring how 3D-printing technology can be adapted to meet specific building, design and cost requirements.”

The Apis Cor system cuts shipping costs, installation time, and improves printing speed. Apis Cor’s construction method can save up to 30% on the cost of a traditional finished home in the United States.

Madriz added, “As a worker-owned cooperative non-profit, we will be able to employ organized labor in the production of cutting edge, resilient and quality housing at a much lower cost than conventional methods.”

“Before we 3D-print the first home with SMASH in 2023, we will have planned out every detail, achieved the desired price for each build, and secured approvals from the county,” commented Cheniuntai.

Apis Cor Affordable Housing Cooperative Housing Program
Apis Cor launched the industry’s first Affordable Housing Cooperative Program (AHCP) to work with nonprofits and affordable housing companies to develop and build 3D printed homes. Apis Cor and its AHCP Partners design spec houses that fit the organization’s distinct requirements of price, sq. footage, floor plan, finishes and other factors. Once construction costs are validated and a long-term plan to replicate and scale the solutions is created, onsite 3D-printing will begin.

About SMASH-Miami
Struggle for Miami's Affordable and Sustainable Housing (SMASH) is a community land trust building power for housing justice to make housing a human right in Miami. Their leadership led to the Miami Housing Justice Agenda, a platform of values and policy proposals that, if adopted, would fulfill SMASH's vision for a Miami where housing is a human right and everyone has a home. The agenda's values and policies are the product of four years of community engagement, research and best practices and is the product of a coalition of different community organizations and policy experts including Miami Homes for All, The Greater Miami Housing Alliance, Florida International University Metropolitan Center, University of Florida Shimberg Center, City of Miami Connect Capital Initiative, Homes for All National, Grassroots Global Justice, Climate Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network and Gulf South Green New Deal. SMASH’s goal is to get 1.5 Million Miami-Dade residents (half the county population) to pledge their support to the Miami Housing Justice Agenda by the year 2030. https://smash.miami/

About Apis Cor
Founded in 2016 by Nikita and Anna Cheniuntai, Apis Cor is an American technology corporation headquartered in Melbourne, Florida that develops advanced technologies and materials for construction 3D-printing. The company holds the Guinness Book World Record for the Largest 3D-Printed Building on Earth and is proud to be a resident of the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network. A successful participant in NASA's "3D Printed Habitat Challenge" – Apis Cor was awarded top honors in several categories. Apis Cor is backed by Alchemist Accelerator, the premier accelerator for Enterprise startups, and At One Ventures, a VC and private equity firm which supports deep tech ventures that are a net positive to nature and the planet. Learn more about 3D-printing construction technology at: www.Apis-Cor.com.

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