Madre Tierra Secures 120 Kilograms of Gold from Artisanal Miners in Colombia

Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

TORONTO, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Madre Tierra Mining Ltd. (“Madre Tierra” or the “Company”), a company that is taking an innovative approach to the traditional gold exploration model by combining the sustainability of a cash flow generating gold trading business with that of traditional exploration potential, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into several Letters of Intent (“LOI’s”) with legal artisanal and small-scale gold producers licensed under the National Mining Agency of Colombia (Agencia Nacional de Minería or ANM), to purchase in aggregate up to 120 kilograms of gold per year. The terms of the LOI’s allow the Company to purchase, at minimum, 100 Kg of gold per year at a price between 20-25% discount to the international gold spot price per ounce. The Company intends to leverage these LOI’s to purchase gold at a discount and sell into the international gold market.

“We are thrilled to have entered into these LOI’s with our licensed mining partners and look forward to continuing to leverage our relationship with local operators. In combination with our gold commercialization license, one of only twenty-four issued in Colombia, we aim to begin wholesale operations in the coming months,” commented Sasha Kaplun, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Madre Tierra. “Our ability to purchase gold at a steep discount to the international spot price allows us to capture favorable margins while hedging the direct risks associated with mining operations. Further, we are pleased that, through this commercial relationship, we are contributing positively to the economy of Colombia and supporting the indigenous and artisanal mining communities in a socially responsible way.”

“We are continuing to leverage our domestic relationships to aggregate gold from legal and licensed small-scale and artisanal miners and earn a durable margin through the sale into international markets. Our shareholders benefit from the direct access to the gold industry while minimizing risk and exposure to the vast amounts of capital required to conduct mining development, commercialization, and operations,” said Robert Harrison, Chief Financial Officer at Madre Tierra. “As the economy continues to experience inflationary pressure and central banks indicate interest rate increases are forthcoming, we anticipate that the demand for gold will increase over the medium term, which could contribute to further margin improvement.” 

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About Madre Tierra:

Madre Tierra is not your traditional gold company; we hedge high-risk exploration and development and focus on operating activities that generate revenue from day one through our unique gold-trading license in Colombia. Madre Tierra aggregates gold from artisanal and small-scale operators in Colombia for sale into the international markets, allowing the Company to capture a spread on each transaction regardless of market fluctuations. Madre Tierra is also focused on the exploration of its 90% owned El Carlinita gold project located in the municipalities of Montecristo and Santa Rosa del Sur, Bolivar, Colombia. With a diversified asset base, a cash flow generating gold trading business, and exposure to gold exploration upside, Madre Tierra offers shareholders a unique opportunity to benefit beyond the traditional gold trading business.