SANUWAVE Health Announces Patent Activity from March 2021 to March 2022

SANUWAVE announces patents issued over the past year

SUWANEE, GA, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire  -- SANUWAVE Health, Inc. (SNWV) focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative advanced wound care medical systems for the repair and regeneration of skin and vascular structures and the research for new applications of shockwave and ultrasound systems in the non-medical field, announced today the patent activity for the past year.

For the shockwave technology, the following new patents were issued:

  • US 11,028,670 titled "Shock Wave Device with Far-Field Focused Reflectors" This US patent covers a battery of shock waves applicators positioned on an elliptical or spherical shape support beam to create focused shockwaves that merge and combine to provide pseudo-planar waves over a far field distance for oil filed exploitation. The patent has 20 claims and will expire on April 19, 2033.
  • US 11,072,997 titled "Shock Waves for Oil Separation" This US patent covers the methods and device embodiments that apply shockwaves to separate substances, such as oil, from a water mixture in a dedicated enclosure. The substance, such as oil, is moved toward a substance removal conduit, and the water is moved toward a water conduit from the action of the shockwave apparatus. The patent has 20 claims and will expire on April 19, 2033.
  • US 11,254,589 titled "Systems and Methods for Separating Surface Materials from a fluid Using Acoustic Pressure Shock Waves" Covers the methods and device embodiments that are used for separating materials, such as foam, sludge, oil, or grease, at a fluid's surface, by applying acoustic pressure shockwaves to the material and the fluid's surface such that acoustic pressure shockwaves are propagated in liquid medium of the fluid and in gas medium above the fluid surface. The patent has 20 claims and will expire on April 26, 2037.
  • KR 10-2255975 titled "Distributor Product Programming System" This South Korean patent covers a system for controlling and monitoring service activities by authorized SANUWAVE distributors from around the world at their facilities. This is a license-based and remotely operated process that is already used in South Korea, Italy and will be used in Brazil. The patent was licensed to our South Korean distributor, actively using this remotely operated process. The patent has 20 claims and will expire on November 14, 2037.
  • EP 3285661 titled "Tissue Disinfection with Acoustic Pressure Shock Waves", with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Netherland as designated countries. This patent covers the methods and device embodiments that use extracorporeal acoustic pressure shock waves for preventing and treating living tissue infections for mammals (humans and animals) and achieve tissue disinfection. The patent has 20 claims and will expire on April 22, 2036.·       
  • EP 3352678 titled "Cleaning and Grooming Water Submerged Structures Using Acoustic Pressure Shock Waves," with the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, and Norway as designated countries. This patent covers the use of shockwaves to remove barnacles, algae, biofilms and other undesired materials from the hulls of ships, propellers, rudders, inlet ports for cooling of nuclear submarines, outlet ports, sonar housings, protective grills, and other structures that are submerged in salt or freshwater environments. The patent has 24 claims and will expire on September 14, 2036.
  • EP 3461438 titled "Combined Intracorporeal and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment System," with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Netherland as designated countries. This patent covers the use of shockwaves to dissolve fat deposits in human and animal bodies by combining the simultaneous action of an extracorporeal shockwave applicator and an intracorporeal (subcutaneous) shockwave applicator. This represents a novel approach that can be used for cosmetic applications such as body sculpting. The patent has 7 claims and will expire on July 8, 2030.

These 16 new patents bring the total number of active patents and patent applications for shockwave technology to 113, with 75 in the medical field and 38 in the non-medical field.

Through the acquisition of the UltraMIST® assets in 2020, SANUWAVE has added the patents and patent applications related to the non-contact and low-frequency ultrasound technology incorporated into the UltraMIST System. The patent portfolio covers specific constructions for ultrasound systems, combination systems, drug delivery, and methods to apply such ultrasound technology for different medical afflictions such as wounds, pain, inflammation, etc. 

This robust patent portfolio includes a total of 47 active patents and patent applications, with 10 pending patent applications, 16 issued US patents, and 21 issued international patents.  

Dr. Iulian Cioanta, SANUWAVE's Chief Science and Technology Officer, stated, "Our culture at SANUWAVE is to improve the effectiveness of our technologies constantly and to produce novel approaches that benefit patients, medical professionals, and our clients in general. Furthermore, we try to expand the reach of our shockwave and ultrasound proprietary technologies in various non-medical fields. These new patents maintain and increase our protection capability for our proprietary technologies against competitors. Intellectual property is a significant asset for SANUWAVE and falls in our goal of increasing the value of the company through innovation."

"SANUWAVE is at the forefront of enhancing the possibilities of the shockwave and ultrasound technologies, through finding new applications and optimizing their output based on the targeted market," stated Kevin A. Richardson II, SANUWAVE's Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.  "Our portfolio of 160 patents and patent applications is a testimony for SANUWAVE’s philosophy focusing on its Energy First approach for both medical and non-medical fields.”

“We strive to advance and optimize the treatment of acute and chronic wounds and explore new avenues in applying the ultrasound and shockwave technologies for innovative medical treatments or solutions for industrial applications that need innovative easy to use and energy-efficient systems and methods," Kevin continued. “A lot of hard work, research, and dedication has gone into building this portfolio as such, we are always open to exploring new partnership opportunities that will allow us to partner and monetize, we will not take patent violations lightly.”


SANUWAVE Health is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of its patented, non-invasive and biological response-activating medical systems for the repair and regeneration of skin, musculoskeletal tissue, and vascular structures.
SANUWAVE’s end-to-end wound care portfolio of regenerative medicine products and product candidates help restore the body’s normal healing processes. SANUWAVE applies and researches its patented energy transfer technologies in wound healing, orthopedic/spine, aesthetic/cosmetic, and cardiac/endovascular conditions.

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