McQ Inc. Provides Immediate Video, Voice and Data to Anywhere in the World

FREDERICKSBRUG, Va., April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The McQ CONNECT®, an Iridium® satellite enabled modem,provides a small battery powered unit that can be easily deployed anywhere in the world. It can be mounted on vehicles, marine craft, aircraft, or easily carried by individuals. McQ CONNECT gives a user the capability to send and receive emails, live video or pictures, file data, command and control, and connect cell phone calls or audio monitoring from anywhere to distributed users using commercial Internet Protocol (IP) networks. McQ Inc. is an Iridium Value Added Manufacturer. McQ CONNECT uses the new Iridium Certus® 100 commercial service and is certified for use on the Iridium network.The huge advantage of McQ CONNECT over other satellite modems is due tothe embedded video compression firmware, the small size and light weight, the low power consumption, the many types of information it supports, and the economical Iridium Certus 100 user service costs. The McQ CONNECT product is approved for Iridium Land Mobile and Maritime market verticals with Aviation coming soon, opening up a truly wide variety of commercial domestic and international applications.

McQ CONNECT is the only satellite modem delivered with McQ vWatch®Video Compression software. This advanced video compression solution matches video data rates with the bandwidth available over Iridium Certus 100; enabling high quality video from remote locations anywhere on Earth.

McQ CONNECT delivers these Iridium Certus capabilities in an extremely rugged and small package. Both the terminal device and antenna are fully IP67, and are small enough to fit in one hand. They can be set up and fully operational in a few minutes and require no antenna alignment, no tools, and very little operator training. The McQ CONNECT product provides a simple TCP/IP connection for data and operates at 22 kbps uplink and 88 kbps downlink. McQ CONNECT operates over a wide input DC voltage, and it can be powered from batteries, vehicle DC systems, AC power, and solar charged systems. Iridium Certus is available worldwide (including pole to pole), enabling McQ CONNECT to provide phone calls, IP data and video service from a tent, a backpack, a vehicle, or an autonomous platform to and from anywhere on Earth.


Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, McQ has been supplying DoD, DHS, DoE, DoJ, other US Government Agencies and commercial customers with advanced security technology and surveillance systems for over 35 years. McQ specializes in low power electronics design, efficient communications, advanced algorithm development, and wireless video management solutions. McQ has transitioned this technology into acoustic array detection applications both maritime and land-based. An Iridium Partner company for over 20 years, McQ has been providing Government and Industry with satellite globally linked information sent from security systems located all over the world. The Iridium satellite communications network enables a cloud information architecture that can rapidly distribute information from anywhere on the earth to users anywhere in the world. McQ is a Small Business Entity and a Non Traditional DoD contractor designing, developing, and manufacturing the latest state of the art sensor systems.


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