Global Sustainable Agriculture Market Research Report 2022: Transformative Mega Trends Drive the Growth of Sustainable Farming Practices


Dublin, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Sustainable Agriculture Growth Opportunities" report has been added to's offering.

The report qualitatively assesses key trends and environmental impact of different crop-farming practices. In addition, the adoption potential of sustainable agricultural practices has been discussed in terms of land coverage, where possible.

Management of soil, land, crops, and natural resources, such as water, makes the framework for sustainable agricultural practices.

Sustainable agriculture includes many practices. However, this report focuses on four key approaches with higher innovation potential. Sustainability paradigms include regenerative farming, urban farming, integrated pest & nutrient management, and irrigation management.

Further, the research study highlights the areas of technology convergence across key paradigms to highlight how smart technologies can enable sustainable agriculture approaches. Globally, industries and governments are increasing their focus on sustainable farming practices, driving their adoption.

Stakeholders' and industries' awareness initiatives will further boost sustainable farming. The convergence of digital technologies and a shift toward regenerative farming practices will be the key strategies to achieve sustainability goals in the agriculture sector.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Strategic Imperatives

  • Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Sustainable Agriculture

  • Scope of Analysis - Sustainable Agriculture Market
  • Scope of Analysis - Sustainable Agriculture Aligning with Key SDGs
  • Key Drivers of Adoption - Sustainable Agriculture
  • Analysis of Key Drivers of Adoption - Sustainable Agriculture
  • Key Restraints of Adoption - Sustainable Agriculture
  • Analysis of Key Restraints of Adoption - Sustainable Agriculture

3. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Regenerative Farming

  • Overview - Regenerative Farming
  • Environment Impact - Regenerative Farming
  • Status of Adoption - Conservation Farming/No-till Farming
  • Status of Adoption - Organic Farming
  • Key Stakeholders - Regenerative Farming
  • Key Stakeholders Initiatives/Projects - Regenerative Farming
  • Use Cases - Regenerative Farming
  • Areas of Technology Convergence - Regenerative Farming
  • Technology Start-ups - Regenerative Farming

4. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Urban Farming

  • Urban Farming - Overview
  • Indoor Urban Farming - Overview
  • Indoor Urban Farming - Adoption Potential
  • Indoor Urban Farming - Environment Impact
  • Initiatives/Projects - Urban Farming, APAC
  • Initiatives/Projects - Urban Farming, Europe
  • Initiatives/Projects - Urban Farming, North & South America
  • Initiatives/Projects - Urban Farming, Middle East & Africa
  • Areas of Technology Convergence - Indoor Urban Farming
  • Indoor Urban Farming - Technology Start-ups

5. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management

  • Overview - Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Overview - Nutrient Management
  • Crop Inputs - Environment Impact
  • Policy Initiatives - Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management
  • Circular Economy Opportunity for Fertilizer Industry - Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management
  • Top Crop Protection Companies Initiatives (Acquisition/Partnerships/R&D) - Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management
  • Key Innovative Start-ups - Integrated Pest Management
  • Key Innovative Start-ups - Nutrient Management
  • Areas of Technology Convergence - Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management
  • Technology Start-ups - Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management

6. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Irrigation Management

  • Why is Irrigation Management Required?
  • Policy Initiatives - Irrigation Management
  • Key Approaches - Irrigation Management
  • Precision Irrigation Techniques, Status of Adoption - Irrigation Management
  • Irrigation Management, Precision Irrigation Techniques, Environment Impact
  • Smart Irrigation - Irrigation Management
  • Other Approaches - Irrigation Management
  • Top Irrigation Company Initiatives to Drive Sustainability Outcomes - Irrigation Management
  • Technology Start-ups - Irrigation Management

7. Growth Opportunity Universe - Sustainable Agriculture

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Investment in Enabling Technologies and Infrastructure to Boost Adoption of Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Value Chain Participants Need to Invest, Innovate and Pivot to Cater to Demand for Sustainable Farming Solutions/Platforms
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Focus on Increasing Affordability of Different Sustainability Approaches to Boost Adoption
  • Growth Opportunity 4: Increase Investment in APAC, Middle East, and Africa to Gain a Strong Foothold in the Most Attractive Regions
  • Growth Opportunity 5: New Business Models can Boost Adoption of Sustainable and Smart Solutions and Services

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