Access Vascular Inc. Wins 2022 Edison Award for Innovation

Access Vascular’s biomaterial catheters recognized as Best New Product in Science & Medical category for their ability to dramatically improve vascular access procedures and outcomes

BILLERICA, Mass., April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Access Vascular, Inc. (AVI) today announced its biomaterial-based hydrophilic catheters received a Gold Award as the 2022 Edison Best New Product in science and medical at the 2022 Edison Awards™.

AVI’s patented, groundbreaking new biomaterial-based catheters were recognized for their potential to reshape the field of vascular access and value-based care at large. Transformational in design, AVI’s hydrophilic catheters are designed to mimic the body’s chemistry to evade its natural defenses and nearly eliminate the most common and costly complications that arise 30% of the time in hospital patients who receive a traditional polyurethane vascular access device.

The Edison Awards is an annual honor designed to recognize excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. Started in 1987 and named after Thomas Edison, the vision of the Edison Awards is guided by his legacy and vision and his Menlo Park team. Edison Award recipients represent “game changing” products, services, excellence and leadership in innovation around four criteria: Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact.

“We are proud to join the impressive list of innovative companies named as past and present Edison Award winners,” said James Biggins, CEO at Access Vascular, Inc. “Simply by using AVI’s new catheters in their existing workflow, hospitals and clinicians can immediately and significantly speed time to treatment for patients, improve the safety of these common procedures and nearly eliminate unnecessary complications.”

Two recent studies on AVI’s HydroPICC® and HydroMID® devices demonstrated a significant reduction in complications such as occlusions, replacements, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and phlebitis compared to traditional catheters with as much as 100% reduction for some of these complications1. Using these innovative new devices can deliver dramatically improved medical and economic outcomes for patients and health systems.

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About Access Vascular
Access Vascular was founded to address the most common and costly complications of intravenous therapy: infection, thrombosis, and phlebitis. Taking a foundationally different approach to thrombus reduction, the company manufactures intravenous catheters from a hydrophilic material which retains significant amounts of water. Engineered to mimic the body’s natural chemistry, Access Vascular catheters are designed to evade the foreign body response and complications that come with it. Our award-winning, FDA-cleared products are HydroPICC®and HydroMID®. For more information, please visit

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  1. Studies presented at Association for Vascular Access 2021. Data on File at Access Vascular Inc.