Quantum Computing Inc.’s (QCI) Rebel Brown to Present at Women of Silicon Valley: “Your Quantum Future is Now”

LEESBURG, Va., April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

WHO: Rebel Brown, Vice President of Strategy for Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI), the leading provider of ready-to-run quantum software for complex computations. Rebel is responsible for the company’s overarching go-to-market and product strategy, as well as product marketing, investor and media relations, and marketing operations.
WHAT: Rebel will present a 30-minute virtual talk entitled “Your Quantum Future is Now.” She will explain the powerful new technology of quantum computing, outline how it is providing value to organizations, and define how women can guide their careers to take advantage of this opportunity.
WHERE: Register at https://www.womenofsiliconvalley.com/why-attend.
WHEN: Wednesday, May 11th, 12:15pm PDT
WHY: This talk will focus on the opportunities presented by quantum computing, perhaps the most transformative technology since the advent of the semiconductor. Rebel will ask and answer questions including: 
  • What is quantum computing, what is the big buzz about, and what’s the potential value we can all leverage for our own careers?
  • What are the challenges facing quantum computing and how can you step up to help solve them?
  • What skills are needed and how do you acquire them?
  • What opportunities are out there for women, how do you find them, and how do you position yourself within the quantum computer ecosystem?
Rebel will also share her top three tips for controlling the chaos that comes from any new paradigm shift or change.

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