Entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary’s Private Meet Up Call About The State of Entrepreneurship in 2022 Is Close To Selling Out

Indianapolis, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indianapolis, Indiana -

Tax Hive, the Kevin O’Leary-owned company, will be teaming up with Indianapolis-based SaaS company Kennected from June 21-23 for networking opportunities, tax tips, and inside knowledge from some of the biggest upcoming companies in the United States.

Seven speakers will provide unique instruction for growing businesses, including Kennected CEO Devin-Johnson, discussing LinkedIn lead generation.

Mr Wonderful Private Zoom Tax Hive & Kennected

Keynote speaker via Zoom, well-known TV personality, and entrepreneur Mr. Kevin O’Leary has been empowering entrepreneurs for decades through thought leadership as well as providing financial backing to multiple startups.

Mr. O’Leary is chairman of O’Shares Advisers and Beanstox, is also referred to as “Mr. Wonderful" from his popular syndicated business TV show. He is also a strategic advisor for WonderFi, MindMed, and Immutable Holdings Inc.

In addition to Mr. O’Leary, noted sales expert Shawn Finnegan will also be speaking. Kennected co-founder Cody Harvey, author Bud Lethbridge, Pathway Financial CEO Bill Jennings, Tax Hive’s Jake Alexander, and CEO of Investment Secrets Bridger Pennington will also be taking the stage during the event.

Harvey serves as Kennected’s chief strategy officer after co-founding the company in early 2018. He also is the founder of boutique consulting firm William Harvey Group and CEO of communication app Breakout.

Lethbridge is an asset protection expert.As a trainer and author, he will train on basic asset protection principles outlined inhis book A Practical Guide To Asset Protection.

In addition to running a real estate investment company, Jennings company, Pathway Financial, provides funding solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them capitalize their ventures. Jennings will discuss funding options available to small businesses.

Alexander is an expert in tax liability. After creating his tax company Alexander Financial, which helps people maximize their tax benefits and avoid IRS pains, Alexander joined forces with Kevin O’leary and Tax Hive to expand his reach to all small businesses in the U.S He will train on how to create a strategic plan and structure to optimize business deductions and reduce overall tax liability.

Pennington has served in several financial institutions and is a speaker on entrepreneurship and smart investments. He is currently the founder of investment company Black Bridge Holdings and co-founder of Investment Fund Secrets. He will train on how to create an investment fund for any type of business.

Kennected and Tax Hive invite current customers to attend this in person event and experience the amazing networking and private zoom call with “Mr. Wonderful”. This event will be held in downtown Indianapolis at Union Station in Crowne Plaza. The event is private and exclusive to Kennected and Tax Hive clients (Airfare,hotel, and travel costs not included).

Kennected or Tax Hive customers can get free tickets here.



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