Beverage Technology and Inventory Management Company BarTrack, Inc., Completes $10.5 Million Equity Financing

BarTrack is revolutionizing the way that bars, breweries, restaurants and stadiums manage their beverage alcohol inventory

Sterling, Va., April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BarTrack, a hospitality technology company revolutionizing the way that bars, breweries, restaurants and stadiums, manage their beverage alcohol inventory, closed its second round of equity growth capital in March, raising $10.5 million. 

BarTrack’s draft monitoring system, featuring the first beverage sensor with no moving parts and no obstructions to draft lines, solves the quality, accuracy, and maintenance challenges associated with traditional industry monitoring. Removing turbine flow meters and manual processes from the draft monitoring process, BarTrack improves beverage quality and reduces waste through its sensor technology and real-time metrics. 

“We were excited by the challenge of bringing new technology to an industry that has been starved for innovation over the past 20 years,” says Brett Danielson, BarTrack CEO. “Our mission is to improve the quality and delivery of beer, cocktails, wine, soda, and nitro coffee to create a consistent, first-rate drinking experience while maximizing profits for our customers.”  

As a fully integrated solution, BarTrack’s draft monitoring system uses plug-and-play sensors that install easily into any draft system and measures a dozen beverage-specific variables to produce detailed reports on: flow and keg levels, line temperature, pressure, cooler health, line cleanliness, and more.

BarTrack’s real-time reporting helps streamline day-to-day operations and draft management. Through POS Integration, BarTrack reporting displays actionable KPIs based on pours and sales, allowing management to pinpoint where, when, why and how waste occurs. BarTrack’s consultants help turn the data into action, guiding the implementation of processes that drive real value to an establishment’s bottom line by eliminating waste due to draft-system related issues and human error. 

“BarTrack’s technology is leading the next generation of BevTech. Our proprietary turnkey solution delivers powerful, timely metrics to hospitality businesses, with customers reporting as much as a 30% boost in profitability,” says Eric Major, the executive chairman of BarTrack’s Board of Directors. 

BarTrack has raised $15 million to date from both venture capital and angel investors, including veteran hospitality industry leaders such as G.J. Hart, the former CEO of Texas Roadhouse, California Pizza Kitchen and Torchy’s Tacos. “BarTrack is the future of smart inventory, better quality and increased visibility both behind the bar and beyond,” says Hart. 

With this latest financing injection, BarTrack plans to expand production capacity to keep up with demand, support sales and customer support team expansion and fuel R&D initiatives to grow the company’s expanding solutions portfolio.

“BarTrack provides my restaurants with actionable, real-time insight on draft waste identification, temperature and carbonation—all while reducing inventory inefficiencies by eliminating the need for manual inventory counts. Simply put, I believe BarTrack is the future of the hospitality industry,” says restauranteur Scott Parker. 

BarTrack is now working closely with leading brands, producers, suppliers and draft system installation companies across the supply chain, domestically and internationally. 

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Founded in 2018, BarTrack is a hospitality company that has revolutionized the way bars, breweries, restaurants, and stadiums manage their inventory and eliminate costly waste.  BarTrack’s flagship offering is a first of its kind non-intrusive beverage sensor technology platform with no moving parts. The company’s sensors and web-enabled software empower better inventory management and improved draft system diagnostics through the monitoring of a dozen beverage specific variables. This, in combination with point-of-sale integration, delivers a comprehensive view of the causes and impact of waste on the bottom line. Learn more at


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