OpenBots Unveils RPA Migration Gamechanger at US Automation Conference

Edison, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

MIAMI, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenBots took the stage in Miami, Florida, at the Zero Bot Licensing conference to unveil Ninja, a new tool available on the Enterprise RPA+ (plus) platform.   

Ninja is an RPA migration utility designed for enterprises with experience using robotic process automation. The tool cuts migration times up to 80%, handling the heavy lifting of transferring commands into OpenBots.  

OpenBots is an Enterprise RPA+ (plus) suite of tools used to digitally transform enterprises at a fraction of the cost of traditional RPA vendors. They've become a disruptive player in RPA by introducing a zero-bot licensing model that turns the traditional market on its head.

Their expanding platform puts them in a unique position to ease the burden of migration and cut millions of annual RPA License spending. Migrating RPA bots from one platform to another is a very tedious process. Developers must copy commands and parameters, line by line, which can be complex and take a long time to do correctly.    

Cameron Herwig, Product Manager at OpenBots, explains that Ninja eases the overall migration cost and difficulty of transitioning from traditional RPA vendors and solves two critical issues with manual migration:    

  • Translating automations between platforms is complex, with the potential for human errors introducing roadblocks to production  
  • Comfortability with both the source and destination platform  

Large-scale enterprises have been stuck over the past few years, getting trapped by costly licensing agreements that deplete the ROI that their automations are supposed to deliver.    

The release of Ninja has been turning the heads of several Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of bots in production. The appeal is two-fold: substantially reducing the time it takes to migrate bots off legacy RPA vendors and saving millions of annual budgets.   

The automated translation by the OpenBots Ninja ensures a 1:1 mapping, with minimal risk for miss-translated parameters. Developers comfortable with the source platform can utilize the mapped projects to familiarize themselves with the equivalent functionality and better understand the OpenBots platform.   

During the migration process, the set of Assets and Queues utilized by the process is optionally gathered from the source platform's server and prepared to migrate into the OpenBots Server through the command-line tool. This step removes a common point of failure during the migration process that is prone to human error.  

For more information about Ninja or the migration process, contact OpenBots.   

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Image 1: OpenBots Team Launch Ninja

OpenBots Team Launch Ninja Migration Tool during Conference in Miami, FL.

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OpenBots Team Launch Ninja