Tonya Hofmann CEO of BeeKonnected Discusses the New Social Media Platform BeeKonnected

BeeKonnected Konnection Generator helps brands establish quality connections. Listen to the podcast hosted by Qamar Zaman on the Subject Matter Experts.

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tonya Hofmann a serial entrepreneur and CEO of BeeKonnected explained the need for creating the social media platform and what makes this app a must have for personal brands.

The podcast host Qamar Zaman interviewed Tonya Hofmann, a social speaker and a serial entrepreneur, founder of many organizations and associations, author of 8 books, and many more. The podcast discusses how her experience helped build a platform for business owners made for business people. They also discussed how it takes the best things from other social media into BeeKonnected.

BeeKonnected will be the first platform for like-minded businesses to connect through their latest feature of the platform, the “Konnection Generator''. Companies can connect with other companies, suppliers, and customers to further enhance their business.

With so much noise in the content space,our life has been hijacked. You can't simply join a social media platform for business and have to bear all the noise that comes with these platforms. Furthermore, social media brings a lot of spammers who ruin the atmosphere of the groups making new and upcoming businesses to be smothered by them. BeeKonnected will provide the best of these media platforms and none of the hassle or spammers. This initiative will also keep out trolls and fake profiles, allowing old and new business owners to be heard and discovered in the new age of digital business places. Listen to the podcast on your favorite platform.

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About BeeKonnected

BeeKonnected is a platform for entrepreneurs and business owners with like minded goals to connect to further enhance their businesses.

Founder and CEO of this startup, Ms. Tonya Hofmann is working hard with her team to design AI and algorithms to connect like-minded and similar businesses on BeeKonnected while allowing feeds to be about their favorite company and suppliers without weeding through multiple platforms to get heard.

Key highlights of the interview include:

● What is BeeKonnected?

● Who is the Target Audience for BeeKonnected?

● Why Another Tool for social media?

● What makes BeeKonnected unique?

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About Tonya Hofmann

Tonya is a serial entrepreneur who is the CEO & Co-Founder at BeeKonnected. She is a globally sought-after speaker and mentor to inspire upcoming business owners and entrepreneurs and has been presented on the cover of many magazines and the winner of the EBC's Global Mentorship Award and winner of the International eWomenNetwork Business Matchmaker of the Year award. She has also authored 8 best-selling books.


LinkedIn: Tonya Hofmann

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