Mortgage Advisor Tools is on a Mission to Bring Technology to the Mortgage Industry

Mortgage Advisor Tools is amplifying technology companies by driving awareness through hyper-creative content, organized search, reviews, and relevant filtering to help lenders connect with the right tech partners.

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INDIANAPOLIS, May 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Art Vs. Math is a technology and consultancy company working to develop creative solutions for the mortgage industry. Art Vs. Math launched Mortgage Advisor Tools to provide lenders a single resource to find all their technology on one platform. Like Capterra, Mortgage Advisor Tools organizes, categorizes, hosts reviews, and provides relevant information about tech vendors for mortgage professionals. Mortgage Advisor Tools is announcing a new video content service to help tech vendors stand out in the market.

Mortgage technology has grown substantially over the last eight years. Venture capital and investors are taking notice as the technology landscape becomes more competitive. The need for this technology is obvious, and lenders are pressured to implement new technology to stay competitive. However, understanding which tech solutions to prioritize and leverage within their business is a challenging endeavor that requires a lot of trial and error. 

Legacy processes and technology continue to reign the industry. Despite being over 5,500 lender institutions in the U.S., most technology companies have less than 100 lender customers. So why don't lenders utilize more technology to run their business? There are at least three barriers mortgage technology faces today.

High Stakes - Mortgage companies aren't selling toasters.  They are helping consumers make the biggest purchase of their lives.  Any technology that is implemented within the home buying process is a big deal.  The procurement of new technology vendors is thoroughly reviewed by several key mortgage professionals when deciding on investing in technology that impacts this process.  The decision-making process is serious.

Legacy - Mortgage banking is very lucrative and has been long before this fancy tech came into the world. The average loan officer is about 55.  Changing this legacy process is an uphill battle. While hundreds of companies are willing to take on the challenge of new technology, hundreds still hold tight to their highly successful ways of old. Who can blame them? These professionals are rich.

Marketing - The silver bullet of the entire challenge. 

Mortgage tech must help lenders understand exactly how their technology solves lenders' problems. Messaging is everything. Make it easy.  Clearly identify how technology solves the challenges that are facing the mortgage industry.

Next, mortgage tech must do a better job driving awareness to their solution through, marketing and advertising. Currently, tradeshows are the most prominent marketing vehicle leveraged by everyone in the mortgage industry. Most lenders don't go to tradeshows.  Mortgage Tech companies must separate themselves from their competitors to grow their business.

These challenges are why Mortgage Advisor Tools exist. Built by Art Vs. Math (a hyper-creative mortgage-focused marketing consultancy), MAT has collected 300 mortgage tech companies and organized it in a way to help mortgage professionals find the best solution for their business. To drive awareness to the site, MAT has developed a collection of the funniest, most creative, relatable videos the mortgage industry has ever seen. 

Mortgage Advisor Tools is committed to finding every provider, technology, and service that wants to serve the mortgage industry.  Our goal is to help mortgage tech find lender customers and help lenders find the right tech solutions. Simple. 

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